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    Which Trope Are You Most Tired of Seeing?

    What I find annoying is characters min/maxing their skills and stats without any care at all of it back firing. Like it shows up as a bonafide character Stat and they just min/max without care for goodness sake. Personally I feel that all stats are important to increase just due to the fact that...
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    Which Trope Are You Most Tired of Seeing?

    Having Gods or beings on their power level bowing down before the powerless masses for some stupid reason when a show of force is the better option.
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    Poll: Would You Still Work If You're a Billionnaire?

    Why work and break your back while you could actually start living your own life.
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    Recommendations Fake Tsundere

    I have to admit that the idea of a fake tsundere feel like something that happens a lot in stories considering the fact that many Male leads happen to have super size egos that can't comprehend the idea of someone not liking them. It feel some like something you see in Otome stories often.
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    Why NTR is hated so much.

    If anything NTR teaches people a life lesson about why it bad being too oblivious to your loved ones. As well as being too dumb to not notice anything or just gullible. But most of all it gives a punch to the face to said characters who gets NTR because of their doormat behavior.
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    Telekinesis, Technokinesis, or Pyrokinesis?

    I say Technokinesis is more my style cause I know for sure I be too lazy to train up my telekinesis to god tier levels. And with techno control I would have an easier time using tech.
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    You were isekai’ed, into a modern world. In this world some people have powers (I.E. X-men). You were given the ability to transmute objects. What do?

    As for me I just take it easy use this ability for whatever strikes my fancy like making gas for the car and maybe pickup a few expensive hobbies such as making art with gems.
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    would you rather have a catgirl that excessively says nya or a catgirl that almost never says nya

    If anything having a cat girl say nya all the time is bound to get annoying especially when you have a hard time understanding them due to excessive nyas. So no nyas unless its for good reasons.
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    Do watching anime somtimes gives you unrealistic perspective of the world?

    If anything non-animated TV shows about school life did more damage by giving me unrealistic expectations about school, life and mostly Friendships in general. That because it very easy to take Friendships lightly when you start growing up and not help by kid-friendly shows or shows aimed at...