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  1. yunano34a1

    Writing Prompt The world ends and the heroes are fighting to protect what’s left. Where are the villains and what are they doing?

    I’m always curious when this happens. Oftentimes the heroes get a lot of screen-time but what are villains really up to? Surely there are some who will team up but what about the baddest of the baddest? or the crazy ones?
  2. yunano34a1

    Writing Prompt Pick one character from your story and make them answer a question from another author

    Pick one character from your story and make them answer a question. And then make another question for another author's character to answer. Won't it be interesting to know deeply your character/s more? Let's start with... How do you view "Is the glass half-empty or half-full?"
  3. yunano34a1

    Under stats, able to see your reader's origin or timezone percentage

    I think this is a feature I'd like to see so that I know when to post according to my reader's country/timezone. It doesn't necessarily need to show the reader's names but instead their countries/timezones. Similar to this.
  4. yunano34a1

    How do you guys fight against who is nimble and agility-based?

    The obvious answer is to stop their movement but I’m wondering if you guys have any other ideas? You cold also share how do you deal it in your stories
  5. yunano34a1

    What monster girl do you simp for?

    I like Lamias and specifically Apophis
  6. yunano34a1

    What do you think is the most scariest monster in Anime, LN, WN, or Manga?

    For me it's the parasytes in Parasyte; The Maxim
  7. yunano34a1

    Does anyone here knows a lot about swords?

    From sword techniques, what kind of swords/weapons that outbest another weapon, defensive strategies using certain swords or gripstyles, when to use punches and kicks after a slash or whatever... Anything you'd like to share! I'd like to know more since I barely know anything P.S. No magic only...
  8. yunano34a1

    Yunano's Art Showcase

    Hello there! I am Yunano. Some of you already know me for a while or from Official SH Discord. I'm just a small artist and hobby writer who hope that I'll be able to produce my own light novel someday. Thank you and please enjoy my drawings!
  9. yunano34a1

    I'm joining the "TEZUKA MANGA CONTEST"!... but can you help me by giving some ideas?

    What is "TEZUKA MANGA CONTEST"? It is a manga award for new artists established by "Shonen Jump" by Shueisha publisher since 1971 with the aim of finding new talents. The Prize is named after Osamu Tezuka who was a pioneer in manga history after the war. Many professional manga artists who...
  10. yunano34a1

    Please add "Anti-Villain protagonist and Retired Villain Protagonist" tags

    Please show our lovely villains chads some love!
  11. yunano34a1

    Meet the Characters of my Novel (Anime-ish)!

    Link to my Novel: NOTE: I made these characters for months while carefully understanding their lore and how to show it with their designs only.