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    Is it normal to envy?

    Simple enough question.
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    So I'm going back to school tomorrow.. wohoo... My precious time will be used for school and I'm damn lazy.. Give me encouragement please..
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    Writing Free names discussion and tips!

    Yohohoho! So as I am here to help anybody that need some kind of help for names of certain characters, places, powers, or even stories! What you need to do is to just described what you need me to name. So yeah putting it here just in case someone needs! The more help the better am I 'rite...
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    Please answer the following question!

    How do we take a shower? Please realise this is a joke question and so answer it with jokes also!
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    Random Wisdom #3

    Do you know what is a Trap Card? No? That is what's wrong with today's society. Do you know the relation between hell and school? They both are home to some mischiefs. Do you know that kid who always ruin a joke? They are probably a human. Do you know why waters are wet? Because they are...
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    Random Wisdom #2

    Do you still think pineapple belong on Pizza? Now that is what's wrong with today's society. Pizza is meant to be eaten with rice. Do you know the similarities between a rock and a bird? They eat. Pizza, pineapples, or even themselves. All of that is what's wrong about this world. They are...
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    Random Wisdom (Joke)

    Do you guys ever felt that the world is a evil place? Well that is a normal thing. As normal as pigs that could fly or even dragons. But do you know what's the similarities between an author and a bee? They fly high. Just like a bee who could fly higher that mount Everest, an author fly with...
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    What are your favorite weapons, techniques, magic, or even fictional powers?

    For mine my favorite weapons is the Murasama blade that was wielded by one of my favorite character of all time Jetstream Sam or Samuel Rodrigues. My favorite techniques in particular is Miyamoto Musashi's sword techniques from Baki and real life. My favorite magic in particular revolved...
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    The Realistic Situation

    Lets keep it simple. What are your thoughts on the current world condition in every aspect. That means politics, social, economy and other things. And then what could we realistically do to improve them or prevent some bad things? Just wanna hear some standpoints from other peoples' views.
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    Weird definitely questionable?

    I've been wondering for quite a while in this matter. So I've been reading novels for more than 4-5 years now and I've encountered some weird shits and generic shits but also some good shits. So what I'm wondering is.. why the fuck do ALMOST all VRMMORPG type novels name always ends with a...
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    What is your favorite sport?

    So recently, I've been researching about some sports that could fit with me and is interesting. And I actually found one. And for me that is martial arts in general.
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    Does any of you have trouble at writing a description?

    So my question is particularly simple. Do any of you have any difficulties in writing description of an object, a person or others?
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    What do you guys do when you're bored?

    When I'm bored I usually just watched Youtube. Chat in Discord or just generally... Do random stuff
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    Please answer the question. "What is anime?"

    Please answer with jokes answers and dont create some kind of arguments
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    Please answer the question. "What is your best April Fools joke?"

    as always answer with jokes;)
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    What is your best Novel?

    So yeah tbf I just wanna ask this on a whim and curiousity. I also want to use your works as a learning material on grammar and other stuffs. But for me my best Novel that I write is A New Member, which is a Hololive Fanfic.
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    Fill in the blank. "The end goal of minecraft is____"

    As usual please answer with joke answers only