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  1. thedude3445

    How Good Are You At OSU?

    When I went to school in Japan, a lot of my British friends were absolute OSU fanatics and played it constantly. It was enjoyable to watch, but I don't think I could clear even the easiest of levels. Y'all OSU experts are the real heroes in this world.
  2. thedude3445

    LoliGen: Age gap, loli, and even shota stories

    I teach middle schoolers, and I can say with absolute certainty that not a single one of those children out there is mature enough for a relationship with an adult, physical or emotional. Not even close. Romance is difficult, and romance is intimate, and children are not ready for that when...
  3. thedude3445

    Ownership and exclusivity of stories in sites like wattpad, tapas, dreame, etc?

    Don't use Dreame. Their contracts are predatory and you will earn little to no money for it. Don't use Webnovel, not for reading nor posting. Wattpad and Tapas are alright but make sure you know (or you get a lawyer) what is actually being discussed in these contracts. Do they want...
  4. thedude3445

    Other websites to post novels on

    I didn't list any 18+ sites on there, though my outdated list from 2020 did. Anything on the current list I would say probably does not allow smut, but a good chunk of them will allow mature content.... which is a fine line to walk of course.
  5. thedude3445

    Other websites to post novels on

    On topic: I have compiled an extensive list of web fiction sites you can read from or post on, in basically all genres and mediums. Please check it out and find tons of sites you're interested in!
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    Writing Apparel

    You want to describe a character when they first appear, but it can be pretty short. Unless your writing style is already pretty flowery, you'll probably want to just do a sentence or two, however much it takes to convey the character's personality and demeanor. That's what the descriptions are...
  7. thedude3445

    Do you smoke? If so, what gives? What made you do it?

    Smoking, no matter what the substance, is really gross, smells horrible, and gets on all your clothes for ages. Just going to clubs on one night for a few hours I've had my clothes be drenched in tobacco stench that took two washes to get out. There's just so many other ways to relax that don't...
  8. thedude3445

    To smut, or not to smut?

    Don't write the smut.
  9. thedude3445

    Is monetizing a fanfic wrong?

    I'm glad everyone already beat me to the punch with this thread and everyone is on the same page. It's not "morally wrong" or anything to sell a fan work but it sure is illegal, and fair use probably won't protect you either. You just gotta make sure you make fan fiction only of public domain...
  10. thedude3445

    What would happen if someone post the Holy Bible?

    Until someone uploads the entirety of The Great Gatsby I won't be impressed
  11. thedude3445

    A long and cool story.

    I got a great book for you: ATL: Stories from the Retrofuture (Royal Road) (Main Site). It's a currently 1100-page behemoth with nine complete novel/novella-sized story arcs and a ton of story for you to devour. It's also quite a hidden gem--it still has just 528 views per chapter on Royal Road...
  12. thedude3445

    Clarity in Story Reporting Process

    Every time I browse a random thread on this forum it's like an apocalyptic battle between all the members... :blob_awkward: Nevertheless I agree with the suggestion wholeheartedly. Based on this thread where a reported EXTREMELY rulebreaking chapter was not taken down due to insufficient...
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    What's a good views/chapter reads ratio?

    Most of my work may be free but I write full-time with the goal of making it my sole career quite soon, so unfortunately things like view counts and read ratios matter to me more than I'd prefer. I'm not even sure how to find the Valid Reads statistic except in that one graph which only shows...
  14. thedude3445

    What's a good views/chapter reads ratio?

    What's a good ratio for the number of chapter reads versus views overall on this site? It's the only site I have ever been on that counts the landing page as a view so it's not something I have experience with. For example, my romance novel has 7014 views, and 3507 reads. Exactly a 50% ratio...
  15. thedude3445

    Recent Readers Question

    Wow, I never knew that. I guess that's why there are so many people on the Recent Readers list who have it on Chapter 1, because they have bookmarked the story to read later but haven't read it yet. That's a little bit more encouraging than I thought.
  16. thedude3445

    Why is the Romance Genre the Romance Genre

    No, it's completely heterosexual
  17. thedude3445

    Name one WEBnovel that you subjectively love that can be deemed objectively as top-quality/high-quality

    Burning Stars, Falling Skies! It's "objectively" great.
  18. thedude3445

    Why is the Romance Genre the Romance Genre

    Watch Before Sunrise and talk to me again about the romance genre
  19. thedude3445

    How do you deal with a declining viewcount trend on your story?

    Maybe stupid advice, but this is mostly psychological I imagine; I've felt this same thing many times about the slow decline of a series in views (which happens naturally with every single serialized work, so don't worry about that honestly). Therefore, the way to trick yourself into feeling...