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  1. CynicalStrawberry

    How to write comedy?

    Personally, my idea of comedy (or the type I can write) starts with a comedic scene: in other words a situation that's funny or awkward in some way. Then I have a narrator who describes it in such a casual way that you're like is he/she just going to ignore the fact that that's wierd? That's...
  2. CynicalStrawberry

    How do you get the motivation to finish a story after leaving it for a while?

    That's an interesting strategy and I agree that if I take a break I'm unlikely to write. But if I edit I'm worried I'll also not write but I'll just keep editing what I have.
  3. CynicalStrawberry

    What was your oldest story nya

    I'm sure I tried writing other small things, but the first somewhat substantial thing I ever wrote is 8 chapters in my old Wattpad account from when I was 13. The story starts somewhat abruptly with a girl whose sister is kidnapped by some random "strange guy in black" who turns out to have...
  4. CynicalStrawberry

    How do you get the motivation to finish a story after leaving it for a while?

    Oh that's a good idea, I might leave this part for a bit and transition to another.
  5. CynicalStrawberry

    How do you get the motivation to finish a story after leaving it for a while?

    Huh, I didn't think of that. I thought it was the story as a whole that was bothering me. Maybe you're right though. It all just feels like so much work...I'll try and redraft the last chapter though to see if that works!
  6. CynicalStrawberry

    How do you get the motivation to finish a story after leaving it for a while?

    I have a story that I stopped writing a couple of months ago because life became busy. It's at chapter 35 which, for me, is longer than anything else I've ever written. I know where the story is going, at least in the next 15 chapters or so. However, after reading the latest chapter I have...
  7. CynicalStrawberry

    What would make someone drop a story?

    If the grammar is horrible, I'm dropping unless I'm choosing to read MTL. If it's a tragedy, I'm usually dropping because I can't handle those. Otherwise, it's more of a mood-emotional thing. If I'm in the right mood, I can almost read the most cliche, brainless novel. Generally, though, I don't...
  8. CynicalStrawberry

    Trying to get a feel for the audience here

    I used to write on Wattpad years ago when I was into fantasy romance. Then, I stopped. Then I discovered the world of Asian light novels and I got super into shoujo, then eventually BL. At some point, my interest in BL became so strong that I had an itch to write my own and after googling...
  9. CynicalStrawberry

    How to Capture a Story?

    I think a "story" goes beyond these bounds and we could debate the philosophical question of what is a story any day. But when it comes to writing or even telling stories, it always starts with one thing for me: a scene. A scene of something that happens or one single moment. If I'm telling...
  10. CynicalStrawberry

    Writing what's the appeal for shoujou/fujo/BL fans?

    Personally, I'm all about the relationship between the two leads; how like friendship or brotherhood or even enemies suddenly discover that no one knows the other better than they themselves. That's why I'm big on the enemies to lovers trope or doting love interest: because the two guys have a...
  11. CynicalStrawberry

    Where is the place to write BL (not fanfics)

    Of course, no problem! Um, you can read it if you want but it's also on SH and CG, plus it's a modern slice of life type story so I don't know if that's your cup of tea. It's called "You Are My Protagonist".
  12. CynicalStrawberry

    Where is the place to write BL (not fanfics)

    I agree with BubbleC, there's a really nice BL community here led by BL_Palace. It's newer and we're still growing, but it's here. Furthermore, they have a discord for BL authors too if you're interested. And you can promote your novel, ask for help writing, or participate in events via the...
  13. CynicalStrawberry

    How do some other authors update multiple novels so often?

    Personally, sometimes I get bored or fatigued sticking with one story so I hop to another: especially when they're completely different. Then again, I write really short chapters like 1000 words or less, so it's fairly easy for me to write a bit for one story then hop over to another when I get...
  14. CynicalStrawberry

    Writing Prompt What would you do if you are trapped in a void without anything? No need for food, water, air, or anything.

    I agree with some other people's answers. To put my own spin on it, I'd write stories in my head and entertain myself until I slowly go insane, believing myself to be those characters.
  15. CynicalStrawberry


    Personally, it's all about reading for me. I'm someone who gets obsessive about a certain genre. After reading a crap ton of novels in that genre, at some point I started wondering hmm, what if it happened this way? That's how my current stories stem. I could probably name at least one novel...
  16. CynicalStrawberry

    Writing Trying to write a story that is part lab report and part mythos storytelling.

    You could...try to make an analogy? Maybe turn the parts of the cosmos into characters themselves. I'm not sure if this is what you're going for, but I remember one time in high school we did some sort of experiment with a petri dish where we did something which caused the subject of our lab to...
  17. CynicalStrawberry

    Explain patriotism to me

    That's interesting. So are you saying Joe wouldn't feel that sense of connection if government figures didn't visit her farm? Or are you saying that their visit strengthens her patriotism that starts with believing in the culture and ideals?
  18. CynicalStrawberry

    Explain patriotism to me

    One more thing to give you food for thought. To you they may just be an average Joe but to them they have their own pride in whatever small domain they operate. And individually they may be small but as a collective they make up the whole kingdom and each person is a part of that.
  19. CynicalStrawberry

    Explain patriotism to me

    I'd say that it's largely the atmosphere and simple things. When you're in a parade or some mass event, just being in the crowd allows you to feel and be a part of this energy. I'd think of it as mob mentality but more positive. Think of institutions or organizations you belong to, do you ever...
  20. CynicalStrawberry

    Small question

    Oh ok, got it!