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    Writers, keep a journal for your ideas.

    Journal? I have an entire database for my stories. Characters, backstories, nations, hierarchies and political structures, historical events, plotlines, abilities and systems, you name it.
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    What Music/Word/Quote always gives you shivers, Doesn’t have to be necessarily scary.

    Some of my favorites: "Even if you were a king, the only thing you ever controlled were pawns." "There is no greater evil in this world than that which masks itself as justice." "Hope is a dangerous thing. For the desires of man are always contrary to one another. Where one man gains...
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    1st person or 3rd person

    I tend to switch between 3rd person limited and 3rd person omniscient depending on how much information I want to reveal.
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    Tips and tricks for authors

    My advice is to give characters depth. What do I mean by this? Something I see very often (Especially in anime and manga) is that there are characters who are based completely around tropes, as if they only exist to say a single line or to have a set in stone personality that never changes...
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    What is "evil" to you?

    For me, hypocrisy is the ultimate form of evil. Someone who pretends to be a hero and succeeds in being seen as a hero while actually performing heinous actions is the most demented kind of villain. Someone who is loved by everyone, adored by everyone, and objectively seen as "Good". Someone...
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    Do you have a movie playing out in your head when writing a story?

    Most of the time yes, I think the only time that isn't the case is when I have sections focused more on narration or sections of heavy dialogue where there are just some people sitting and talking, in which case I focus much more on the actual content of the dialogue. That isn't to say I don't...
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    Does suffering build character?

    I can't write a story about a character who doesn't and/or hasn't suffered a lot. Why? It's simple. Anyone who hasn't suffered a ton views the world from a naive and sometimes even entitled viewpoint. When you see a person who has been handed everything look at people who have struggled with...
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    Your view on incest in fiction.

    The issue is it's glorification. It being present is one thing, but trying to portray it in a good manner is another.
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    What is your favorite apocalypse?

    You know, there is something that I really like about apocalyptic stories in general. Of course, zombie apocalypses would be my personal favorite, just because I find the whole "Survival while surrounded by monsters" to be extremely interesting. But other apocalypses can be cool too. Alien...
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    Do you actually enjoy your writing?

    If I didn't enjoy it, I wouldn't write it.
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    the problem with originality

    I think that when it comes to cliche, people define cliche typically as predictable. And a story being predictable isn't a bad thing in of itself. It's when it's so predictable that you've essentially read the same story before that it really becomes an issue. Stories should be all about...
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    Do you like slice of life? Why?

    I'll admit that for a period I really hated slice of life just because well... there wasn't any point to it. There was no overarching plot. Nothing ever really changes throughout the series, etc. However I think that perhaps I was mistaken in my hatred for the series. In many slice of life...
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    What to do with my ever increasing hate on silent readers

    At first I was annoyed but you know I stopped caring at some point. No news is good news.
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    How do you decide a name of a Chapter?

    Each of my chapters usually has some sort of recurring theme in them. Some word or phrase that is either used in repetition as some sort of metaphor or to prove some sort of point, or almost like a little climax (When someone drops the statement). I base my chapter names on that.
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    Do you listen to some musics while writing?

    I just listen to whatever, but honestly I find it best to listen to the type of music that puts you in the right mood. If you're trying to write a sad scene while cheerful music is playing it just seems off. But if you're trying to write an epic scene and some orchestral music comes on, that's...
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    Thoughts on "Show, Dont Tell" from a professional author

    I mean I've given this a good chunk of thought, here is what I get from it. Actions speak louder than words. This must is obvious, and should be implemented in writing when you're really trying to have some sort of impact. However, that isn't to say that you shouldn't describe things...
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    How to write a Fight Scene?

    When I write fight scenes I sorta focus much more on the psychological than the physical. If I write stuff that is physical I write it to show the psychological impact. "You can't do anything." Dirt filled his vision, cutting off his ability to even so much as breathe in as he was suffocated...
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    I just use text files tbh
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    Quitting music changed my writing life.

    Personally I don't see how anyone could write without music. Music doesn't distract me at all from my writing - as a matter of fact, it makes me write more. Sometimes my hands want to keep up with the pace of the music as I type, and sometimes it puts me into the zone where I keep having idea...
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    There is nothing more compelling in a character than for that character to exist in real life.