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    People thinking your profession is magic

    farmer and cook, i swear the amount of ppl who have a clue how those jobs actually work is close nonexistent
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    Which Trope Are You Most Tired of Seeing?

    ill go with 2 because the annoy me about the same Poor orphan who protect little sister and everyone abuse for absolutely no reason, its the worst way to make a likable character ever created humans sucks and are evil, why doe this exist? in most works the average human cant hold a candle to...
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    Poll: Have you ever..

    When i vote in a pool there is a 57,311111784% chances im trolling
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    Is canada even real?

    It really depend what kind of immigrants they are taking, are we talking about the useless problematic kind who just drain resources and create problems or the usefull kind who integrate and contribute to society? maybe its not widely known as well, or their pr about it is excellent, im not sure...
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    Was there ever a controversial scribblehub forum user

    I writted something and now Im out
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    Where North Korea at?

    If the dictatorship is competent and take the correct decision, and North Korea is at list somewhat competent they should be able to adapt way quicker than any government with a less tight control on the nation, by the same token bad leadership or incorrect decisions would crush the nation way...
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    Is it selfish to have a child instead of adopting?

    Id say for the simple fact you even ask you shouldn't have a children, not even adopt. for all the other idiots, there arent enough children anywhere but Africa right now, I understand there are plenty of reasons for not wanting children but for a functioning society everyone should have 2 or 3...
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    Am i the only one who feels this way?

    when a couple of years ago ppl started using "they" to refer at singular ppl, i find it so stupid, make me want to flip the table, especially if its in a context like: I meet my friend at the market, "they" seemed happy
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    For those who use Patreon, be careful of this (obvious) loophole

    there are others bugs that screw with the payment but are more inconsistent and I believe the author get the money anyway
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    in the beginning there was nothing, and nothing came out of it
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    Have you ever got into a fit of rage over a troll?

    respect for the trolls
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    Mainstream Comics Should End

    leaving aside the fact that almost everything coming from western outlets is ruined by politics, its still clear the they lack the creativity and willingness to take risks and make new characters, hulk, spiderman, batman ecc are all great character but they have run their course, why would i...
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    Unpopular opinion (or maybe not): The grammar and cover don’t matter.

    a good writing doesn't change a bad story in to a good one but it make a lot of difference in how enjoyable reading the story is, you might have a wonderful story that is not enjoyable to read because it has bad grammar and get a lot less attention that it deserve because of that, a mediocre...
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    Question about Yaoi and Yuri.

    I think there are multiple reasons. pure yaoi or yuri are romance, wich is usually a genere consumed by girls. there are a lot of wish fulfilment gender bender where a guy get turned in to a girl and has a relationship with another girl. there are more bi or lesbian woman than gay or bi man...
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    Casting spells with/ without materials, which is more orthodox?

    requiring materials for all spells means a lot of staff to carry around and limited usability in combat, a physical class would just demolish a mage in almost all scenarios save for a few where mages have time and are defended or are prepared in advance for the situation. most magic systems...
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    What would you do in this situation?

    just ask for a paternity test and she is facked. you can sue her for fraud but courts are stacked in favor of the woman in situation like those so its probabily a waste of time
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    Writing Prompt What would you do if you gained the ability to turn water into steam, through sight, what would you do? Why would you do it? How did you gain it?

    depend, if i can controll the steam afterwords or not and if i can do it thought cameras or if I have to be within sight, still I would probabily troll around making few thousands liters of ocean water evaporate at once where people can see it happen all around the world so everyone would be...
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    its only offensive if the people you are insulting care, you might call a goat something like stonehead or something, but its not really that big of a deal, racial slurs are a big deal now because politicians march on it but they actually really poor insults, insulting people for what they are...
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    Weeby inflections in writing

    I totally agree, using the onorifica is anoying to read, Im not a fan even in japanese originals but they might write it like that and the translator deciding to maintain it has a reason but having them in non japanese series just don't fit
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    Questions to ask before marriage

    don't marry, people want too much nowdays and there is no incentive to stick together or solve problems so marriage fail half of the times, the bigger problem i see tho is that people don't stick with wath they agree with after a while since there is little incentive to keep things going...