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  1. Florestes

    Good Anime/Manga?

    The Irregular at Magic High School. A pleasant read from a looong time ago, unless my memory is poor.
  2. Florestes

    Which are you?

  3. Florestes

    My Name Is Author, And I'm A Fraud

    My name... is lost to time, and its passage has eroded all that I cared about in the beginning, leaving me only the steady march forward, towards an unknown goal.
  4. Florestes

    What’s the worst thing you’ve done to a character?

    Projected myself onto them :blob_hmm:!
  5. Florestes

    Pushing the definition of Tea.

    Kelp tea. The only type of "tea" that I have paid money to buy a pack of and ended up throwing it away after a single taste. Worst mouthful of "tea" in my life.
  6. Florestes

    What would you consider to be fun?

    Ah. Nope! No supervision=no friends at your side. There is only you and your big bucks.
  7. Florestes

    What would you consider to be fun?

  8. Florestes

    Which Trope Are You Most Tired of Seeing?

    Always following "good" morals. Time shows the folly of those decisions.
  9. Florestes


    Shackles. Bonds. Restraints. A shattered existence held in servitude for the benefit of others.
  10. Florestes

    What would you consider to be fun?

    This feels oddly familiar... Do you by chance own Amazon?
  11. Florestes

    What would you consider to be fun?

    Ah, yes, A Man of Culture and Faith. Walking around the city with a shopping cart full of doujinshi, stopping before every elder to spread the good works of aspiring artists. A concrete jungle does tend to give off those feelings, especially during hot summer. Even worse if you are the "easily...
  12. Florestes

    What would you consider to be fun?

    I'd like to hear your thoughts: Let's say that you are a healthy young adult with a ton of cash/loaded bank account in a big city under no supervision. Your only restriction is that you can't leave said city, and quite obviously your mortal human limitations. What do you do? How do you have...
  13. Florestes

    What is the stupidest apocalypse you can think of?

    A divinely beautiful race of female only aliens migrate to Earth. All men who have tasted heaven can't bear to be bound to earth. Involuntary, self-inflicted species extinction within one or two generations.
  14. Florestes

    What do you do when it feels like your story's hit a roadblock?

    Take a step back and look at the bigger picture. Try shifting your perspective a couple times.
  15. Florestes

    When a random thought breaks your story immersion

    The same problems that you have outlined can be pretty much applied to injuries in the same manner. I mean, if I suddenly hit my leg on a table leg or something similarly minor, then I need a few seconds for cursing and bearing the pain. In contrast, a "typical" character easily functions...
  16. Florestes

    Is Nightcore Only Enjoyed By Fatherless People?

    Prejudice! :blob_catflip: Damn humanmeatbags are starting it up again! Forcing their biased standards down/up everyone's orifices! Good beings! Hold your doubtful thoughts and melt in your preferred selection of audio stimulations! Let their emptiness lead them to oblivion.
  17. Florestes

    Why don't they write proper synopses?

    The synopsis is a nice way to warn potential readers about how bad your writing is!:blob_okay: Is that true? Is it official? Have I been blind all this time?!
  18. Florestes

    what do you eat for breakfast?

    A quick fruit on the go (apple/ banana/ pear). Or a sandwich of bread, meat, cheese/ butter/ ketchup. Usually tea or water for a drink, coffee comes a bit later.
  19. Florestes

    Life at a Japanese school AMA

    Ai-chan, please tell us about your outfit! What are the common practices during the Christmas holidays? I'm fairly certain that some anime have shown young people visiting shrines for ?prayers? or something. Is it standard practice of pigging out on food and booze, followed by...
  20. Florestes

    What's the biggest lie you were told?

    "The water is shallow." Tells a father to his young son, before yeeting him out of the boat into the cold water in an attempt to teach him how to swim. Once the boy's feet touch the sandy seafloor, he doesn't think: "Heh~ that statement would have been true if I were another 30 cm taller...