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  1. TunTun

    A/B testing for titles/blurbs

    This is a good idea
  2. TunTun

    Guide for new authors? Getting new viewers?

    This is dumb Ding ding ding
  3. TunTun

    For female readers who read harem stories, why?

    Lmao I was gonna say this
  4. TunTun

    The Genre I Hate: Gender-Bender

    Of course I meant only this site. No one in here posts in wattpad
  5. TunTun

    The Genre I Hate: Gender-Bender

    Readers hate straight female leads.
  6. TunTun

    Recommendations tab for novels

    I like this
  7. TunTun

    Implemented Notification Bell.

    You must think really high of yourself if you think a notification will benefit you. Anyone who cares is already following your profile. Just update daily.
  8. TunTun

    Option to add notifications to a library list

    Because most of the time the suggestion is not optional. It is always "everything in your reading list should give a notification by default" And not "We should be able to opt-in into notifications" However, more notifications might mean more expenses for Tony? Dunno. He did disable...
  9. TunTun

    Tag For Multiple Demon Lords

    There is the tag named "Demons"
  10. TunTun

    What is your ultimate wish-fulfillment story?

    You can make the same argument for pedophilia and drug consumerism. Objectively, Isekai is trash. If you like trash and content that disrespects you, then that is fine. But don't complain when people speak bad about your drug addiction. That is how society works.
  11. TunTun

    Webnovel wants to contract me so much that they'll even impersonate me, lol

    For what country did he publish 34 hard covers? It sounds suspicious. From what I have seen most authors only ever publish 2-8 books in their lifetime
  12. TunTun

    Webnovel wants to contract me so much that they'll even impersonate me, lol

    The overwhelming majority of contracted authors are from the third world lol Of course they'll take a contract that is awful as long as the pay is good for them.
  13. TunTun

    What makes you attracted to Contemporary fiction?

    You are missing the point of fiction if you remove romance, mystery, science fiction and fantasy. In fact, It makes you sound like a moron because you are pretty much asking for literary fiction. Which is well known for having no plot. Go read "Crime and Punishment" the crime of sylvestre...
  14. TunTun

    Are deleted works cached in some way?

    Why not just write a new story
  15. TunTun

    Is “writing for yourself” a defense mechanism?

    Big cope However, you should always write for yourself. Just don't use it as an excuse as of why your work is not popular
  16. TunTun

    Copy and Paste it seems.

    Your MC pisses himself like 20 times in the first 5 chapters. + He is a noble with cheat skills and has a sister with an incest fetish. You can't say he is normal. RR is no different. Same premises, just different wrapping
  17. TunTun

    What do you think a stereotypical person that writes stories for the web is like?

    Man... Talk about poor reading comprehension. Literally the overwhelming majority of the answers in this thread missed the point.
  18. TunTun

    Add random novels instead of similar, if no similar novels exist

    He said similar main tags.