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    Which Trope Are You Most Tired of Seeing?

    ok human supremacist
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    Which Trope Are You Most Tired of Seeing?

    litrpg is not a trope, its a genre...
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    Edgy kids saying that is not right to live for others dont remember they got their own parents doing exactly that for them. Makes you think how much lack of empathy they have lol. If it wasnt for people living their lives for you, you or your entire family wouldnt even be here. We build our...
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    Thoughts about an offer?

    i mean whats the site that offered you a contract? or the company?
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    Thoughts about an offer?

    What page is it?
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    Poll: Do You Read Fanfiction?

    I remember reading like two fanfics in my entire life, I find the rest extremely cringe. I prefer to just read the original source material they're based on most of the time. I dont really like them because theyre obviously made for the self fulfillment of the author, so it wont click with me...
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    Weirdest Writing Sites

    Scribblehub is probably in the top 3 weirdest sites with the most population of readers, the most popular things are often Yuri or straight up Futa Smut, with thousands reading them, idk how it can get weirder...
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    The Yuri Garden Writing Competition (2022) [CLOSED - RESULTS RELEASED]

    where's the yaoi garden, this is not total representation
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    Why are smut writers getting so much hate?

    im fairly sure smut writers get a lot of attention due to everybody being a horndog, maybe write better smut
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    How OP should a protagonist be?

    As OP as you can handle them in the meaning of making an intersting story. If you dont feel confident in being able to write something more than about a story whose stakes are always if the mc is going to win or not a battle, then dont try it because your story might end up being boring. Goblin...
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    Is canada even real?

    thats how civilized first world country should be, usa is just a shithole of a "first world country", which based in everything there might as well be a third world country with prices of a first world country
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    Long living Elves don’t make sense to me

    in what sort of dragon ball world are you putting elves into exactly? also their long lived trope and everythign related to it comes from Tolkien himself, so go blame him for making the staple of fantasy book elves, i'm sure he'll listen your rant about how they should all be super saiyan god...
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    Writing Prompt Please Write This Story For Me~

    Why dont you write it yourself lazy ass mf
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    How do I determine if my novel is good or bad?

    depends on your aim, if you want to profit from it or not, it can be determined good or bad based in your target audience's preferences. but if you're doing it just because you enjoy it, and you're having a blast writing whatever you want, then it is a good book for me, tbh
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    A bit late to the party, CN WNs... (A rant, probably)

    UOOOHH! Apocalypse! Harrem! Sex! Women sex! Sex with woman! Many woman with sex! SEX! UUUOOHHHH!!!!!1 😭
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    A bit late to the party, CN WNs... (A rant, probably)

    Look up at Webnovel and search for the word "Harem" there is this new trend where literally every new novel has the "me with an x harem in the apocalypse" or something retarded like that
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    How to become a popular author?

    write some cool stuff, or cute stuff, thats' what i do
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    Recommendations School Arc Actually Finishes

    I think they're at their second year now but yeah, the manga has terribly slow time progression and now it looks like its all getting even more post apocalyptic, Deku also became an edgelord and then not, and then became an edgelord and then back to normal, and then once more turned edgelord for...
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    Recommendations School Arc Actually Finishes

    like my hero academia? Yeah I wish the school stuff wouldnt get interrumpted so much byshit going on. Just wait for the fucking school to end before you throw all the world-ending final bosses for fuck sake... But I guess there's some "charm" in saving the world while they're stupid teenagers...