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  1. Yairy

    i tried asking AI for an isekai story.

    Now post it on Scribblehub and hit trending 1
  2. Yairy

    General Writing Tips For Writers Who Are Starting Out

    Get into a rhythm
  3. Yairy

    Is it possible to have multiple chapters scheduled at once?

    That you can. But the last time I did that, Scribblehub marked it as spam and didn't update my story on the front page and I lost potential viewers. So, I play it safe from now on. But that's just my experience.
  4. Yairy

    Man.. is it okay for like a chapter to not have 1000+ words?

    As long as you tell what you need in the chapter. Word count is subjective.
  5. Yairy

    Looking for Sci-Fi Mecha Anime Artist - Three Requests

    Tan skinned character with grey hair. Sounds adorable as heck!
  6. Yairy

    Is it possible to have multiple chapters scheduled at once?

    Give it like 30 minutes to an hour apart. I think if you schedule to close together, it might not work.
  7. Yairy

    Stories where the people of the world only have one gender

    Read enough GL manga, LNs and webnovels and you'll see the trend of [404 - Men not Found]
  8. Yairy

    Writing How do you guys persist on creating another chapter?

    Because you want to see the happy ending that you have planned for your characters.
  9. Yairy


    That's enough internet for me today.
  10. Yairy

    Recommendations Long GL 100k+ 260k! It's not adult though.
  11. Yairy

    What’s your most ambitious idea for a story?

    Doing a route system for: Radiant Prism. 1 heroine down, like 6 more to go!!!!
  12. Yairy

    First Person or Third Person for a narrator

    First person is for more indepth character development. We get to see all the intimate moments of their feelings on each situation. Third person is better for multiple characters where we can see a glimpse inside their feelings but not on an absolute personal level. Third person tends to be...
  13. Yairy

    Anyone know any good free Text-to-Speech applications
  14. Yairy

    Stolen content from ScribbleHub being published on Kindle without permission

    I would literally cry if any of my stories were stolen and uploaded for money like this. I've been scraped before to obscure websites that nobody gives a shit for but for scumbags to do this... I hate people.
  15. Yairy

    Fear of New Comments

    You don't.
  16. Yairy

    What happens if you delete a nocel

    Never delete a nocel, it's a crime. As for a novel, yeah, it's completely gone as far as I know.
  17. Yairy

    I can't stop listening to this song.

    Let's sing it together!~
  18. Yairy

    Similar stories rec list

    I heard it goes off of the readers in your story. It recs by the scribblehub readers. If a lot of readers from x story also subs to y story, they must be similar because the same people read it.