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    So just today I borrowed a portable keyboard from one of my friends to learn how to play it. I have been wanting to do it since quite a while. And so what is the thing you guys wanted to learn for a while now?
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    How to write/ feel losing/ lost emotion

    The perfect example for a character that only knows anger/revenge is.. well Kratos
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    Need Inspirational Song

    I got u
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    Realisation and Resolution (Update)

    Yo, Jashin here. Still here at the very least. For those who had seen my previous thread, I am sorry. I have realised the error in my ways of living and I am way too naive. I realised that I am still too immature. For those who had not seen it as it is probably deleted. That is fine. I just...
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    Can someone read my web novel and give some feedback?

    Hmmm... The feel isn't there, the urgency of the situation and all the panic isn't there. I didn't get any of the feelings. It is going to fast and you must slow down. I understand the concept of the novel but I think the first chapter could be better. You could show how the task was given, the...
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    When do i get my nickname dammit!

    You'll get a nickname by praising the Chaos God of Jashin 50 times
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    Any regrets?

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    That's a lot:)
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    Writing Free names discussion and tips!

    I have a few suggestions but I have school
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    Random Wisdom #3

    One must be unpredictable to be able to predict
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    Have you ever felt like reading and not writing?

    It's just the fact I don't really have much time. I have school from 7 A.M to 2 P.M not including my other activities. I also have house chores and the rest is for homeworks. So I don't really have any time at all.
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    Is it normal to envy?

    Simple enough question.
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    Yes yes.. english bad yeah?
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    So I'm going back to school tomorrow.. wohoo... My precious time will be used for school and I'm damn lazy.. Give me encouragement please..
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    A quote a day (Heart of darkness)

    Kinda but mine's came from a short story I actually read before and I just forgot. I got some memory problems after all.
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    A quote a day (Heart of darkness)

    'Shall darkness seep to your heart will be the day you be truly corrupted'