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    Looking for Work Open for Story Commissions

    Because it's not Zoophilia, while doing the deed with an animal is seen as illegal, from what I can tell Furry isn't seen as illegal. A lot of people don't like it, I don't like it, then again I haven't done any commission I genuinely do like. But I guess that's not really the point. When I...
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    Looking for Work Open for Story Commissions

    I will write just about anything. NSFW SFW Fanfictions Original Content Furry Just about anything, you name it we'll talk it out. Things I will NOT do. Anything that could be seen as illegal, I can elaborate in DM's Kinks that include anything that involves mutilation, scat, urine, or vomit...
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    When you are reading an R18 novel and they refer to genitals as little brother and little sister.

    I prefer anything over that! Why not use "The one eyed purple yogurt slinger" or "floppy meat stick" for men, and for women "The mystical hot pocket" or "The infernal hot pocket" if the woman just so happens to be a demon
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    The worst naruto character is

    To be fair, he is the character that kept me away from the show. Wonder what the main character is like. And yeah, I completely agree. The creator of the show made Naruto to show that you don't have to be naturally gifted to achieve things, but Naruto is naturally gifted. Because he has the...
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    Red eyes are fuckin’ cool. Y’all are just sleepin’ on it.

    In the story I'm writing some people get red eyes when they're magic is active. Basically their brain begins to take in information extremely quickly, allowing them to react quickly, and it's visually indicated by their eyes turning red for a bit.
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    You ever just read those r-18 scenes where the dude is like

    We have gotten rid of your innocence...welcome aboard!
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    Is Classic Fantasy still relevant?

    Honestly I can relate to this, my story may not be exactly classical dwarves and elves and whatnot, it has my own rules and species. But when it comes to reading a webnovel I strictly avoid Isekai's, harems, litrpg/game mechanics, and other anime-esque things. Kind of makes it hard to find a...
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    What kind of novel do you look for in Shub?

    On sites like Shub, I look for classic fantasy, think of Eragon, I look for stories like that.
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    A stupid question.

    Canonically, I wouldn't be able to, because they are the ones they appear out of nowhere lightning fast, and then they kick Chuck Norris's cowboy ass. However, it would be the bloodiest battle the world ever saw, with civilians watching in total awe.
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    One of the worse back stories I have ever seen

    I love discussions like this, makes me feel better about my own writing.
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    You ever just read those r-18 scenes where the dude is like

    To be fair, if your asshole is properly cleaned it should taste like skin and smell like nothing in particular.
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    Which Age Group Do You Belong To?

    I used to blow in the bottom of SNES and N64 cartridges to get the dust out so the game would work properly, take that as you will. Edit: The fuck is Cocomelon???
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    Age issue

    In the story I'm writing life span is definitely going to play a part in how others see other races. Dragon Variants, humans with a little bit of dragon anatomy in the form of scales have a normal life span of around 800-1000, depending on external variables. So some tend to look down on elderly...
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    The emoji has been annihilated. Heeeeey to you too Macha.

    The emoji has been annihilated. Heeeeey to you too Macha.
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    Thank you! I've been writing here for a while. But it's only been very recently that I actually...

    Thank you! I've been writing here for a while. But it's only been very recently that I actually started to interact with the community, I have a very good impression so far. Between the titles that people put under their profiles, being anywhere from formal to hopelessly perverted, to the forum...
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    What happens at the age of 24?

    I'm 25, you don't want to know what happens after 24.
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    At what time does an account graduate from being a 'new member'?

    Holy shit, your title is amazing. A lot of titles on here is akin to custom shoutouts when people mount a monster in Monster Hunter!
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    Which Trope Are You Most Tired of Seeing?

    It's the ultimate insult since these tend to be a power-trip fantasy self-insert.
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    Characters You Think Are Hot?

    They say a picture is worth a thousand words.