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  1. Jet

    Got a story to 100k words

    Yay, a normal human being around here! Gz, man. I reached it in September as well. Took me years.
  2. Jet

    Do I write too much?

    You are supposed to divide epics into volumes. It should be fine, so long as your work is written in an easily partible way. In general, I'd answer Yes. You guys write way too much. But that's apparently normal on the web. I argued with Alice on this topic. But this also depends on who you stack...
  3. Jet

    Our sick society doesn't even allow an adult to have a convo with a kid. It's not like...

    Our sick society doesn't even allow an adult to have a convo with a kid. It's not like everything revolves around sex. Men don't seem as obsessed with it as women do to begin with.
  4. Jet

    New Years Resolutions

    I think I want to emigrate. I also want to keep progressing in the gym which is kinda contradictory to the first one. The writing took a bit of a back seat, but I want to upload the entirety of the first volume on some writing-groups sites. Have to send the fully edited copies to my beta...
  5. Jet

    Could this man be forgiven?

    I don't understand what's the problem here even. He kissed a 4years younger than himself girl while having a girlfriend already. Fair enough, but his girlfriend didn't love him and wanted to dump him anyway. Being unfaithful is no issue here.
  6. Jet

    Good mobile games?

    Distraint, Fran bow, Motorsport manager.
  7. Jet

    Respectful or...

    Yes, he does. But depends on the circumstances. Like culture as ppl pointed out already. It's also his bis and choice still anyway. Anything aside genitalia should be fine. And no, boobs aren't genitals lol. And even genitalia had been fine for many mils of years. Heck, we had shared baths only...
  8. Jet

    What Good Thing Happened Today?

    It actually happened on Monday, but I'm staggered still. And feel like bragging. So, I've been going to the same gym for 11 years now. A pretty standard commercial gym near my home. I came to train on that day only to find the world champion and deadlift WR holder, Yuri Belkin, doing a shoulder...
  9. Jet

    Life is Strange

    LiS is easily the best in its genre. I don't understand why some ppl stopped after the first one, though. I got no such habit. So, I beat every single instalment thus far. I just hope, they'll keep making more as my itch for more LiS is always there. Yes, it is true that the first one was the...
  10. Jet

    Fortnite is kinda fun now

    Fortnite is def among the best BRs. Plenty of fond memories of it here. But, the king of the genre, Realm Royale, is superior still. IMO.
  11. Jet

    Anyone else Like Genderbender but dislike Futa?

    I've liked gender bender since forever. Yet I dislike yuri, smut or futa.
  12. Jet

    Can anybody here beat me in chess?

    I did play a 'lil of chess when I was a kid. I remember losing to some 1500elo fella in several moves all the time. Then a 2100 adult came to our camp and played the entire camp simultaneously. We are talking about 20boards here. Many of his opponents were adult instructors too. I mean a...
  13. Jet

    PLEASE, introduce me to some good stories 😕

    Mm, good plot, well written and with some in-depth romance. I think the book you are looking for is called Sons and lovers by D.H.Lawrence.
  14. Jet

    Opinion on piercings

    I've never had any piercings or tattoos since I've never seen a point to it. Neither am I female too. That said, you claim that it corrupts the natural body to a lesser state. I won't say much about the signs for the mentally ill, since that one is a greatly marred area. Pretty much anything...
  15. Jet

    Yo, Yo, Yo Whats Poppin, I am a new member

    I know not which one of those things you called me, but this here was supposed to be an artsy establishment instead of a ghetto:o Otherwise, hey.
  16. Jet


    Too many chuuni here, I swear...
  17. Jet


    Russia as a separate continent. Wow.
  18. Jet

    It is done!

    The second draft... Wait, are you saying that you scrapped your novel and rewrote it from the ground one more time before that? That's trippy! Guess, that despite the topic's title, it just never ends.
  19. Jet

    It is done!

    Are you planning on contacting publishers/agents now? How long did the final editing take? Did you have any help with that?
  20. Jet

    What is a good word count for a single chapter?

    It surprises me that everyone got such short chapters. Mine range from 7k to 14k. The longest one is at 19k, but I'm considering dividing it into two. I break the chapters into subchapters. Something that Scribblehub tought me to do. The subchapters range from 1k to 3k. Subchapters represent a...