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    Check out my awesome cover i had commissioned!

    At least not the brain :s_eek:
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    Post grinding for New Years! (Mission Accomplished!)

    What do you like most about your life and this world?
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    style is the most important aspect of a story

    Writing a book is like cooking a soup, how many ingredients and spices you use is up to you. Abuse in one and the result won't be tasty.
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    Chimera in fantasy novels
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    smoothies :s_eek:
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    Change website name to
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    Blocking certain user?

    They can no longer see your story
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    Good evening to y'all! I've been checking out some games(mainly phone), mangas related to 'gacha.' And, I've taken a slight interest to the theme. Thus, I dare you all if you can, to give me an original twist using gacha as a main/sub genre. If you'd like, add your opinion on the said theme...
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    Quotation rule

    If you want to be grammatically correct, you have to learn all kinds of punctuation, but you can stick to not putting them if that's your writing style. That's not a strong enough reason for people to not read what you write.
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    My art at 2021 vs 2022 (BL)

    I understand that feeling in what comes to writing, since the best I can draw is stick figures, and... that's with some effort already~
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    My art at 2021 vs 2022 (BL)

    Both are really pretty, congrats on the effort, I'd be hella proud!
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    New post, who dis?

    I'd recommend reading/watching dr.stone; it was a great way to put science in it and still make it highly enjoyable.
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    Your favorite god and/or legends hero?
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    What Have you gain here ?

    A bit of everything; new experiences are bound to bring something new to the table :3
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    No Nut November

    Peanut nut if it counts c:
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    Context Help

    Closed minded people sure have it hard these days; this to say that your question came to validate your doubt, and by all means it made sense. A little sad it got cut off, but eh~ The only suggestion I could make is you reply once more, apologise for any wrong ideas the author might have gotten...
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    Nico Nico Nii

    Sometimes all you need to do is write solely for yourself, for the sake of relieving stress, dumping some annoying thoughts or emotions you might have, scramble the page and throw it out the window, or even make an airplane and say goodbye to it as you see it fly away. Cheer up young one ☆