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    post a pic of your current favorite animal

    Someone send a selfie
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    I act kind not because i want to be respected i act kind so that i can tell to myself that I'm not a piece of shit, and that i feel good about myself. If i helped a person and they disrespected me for it. I'll simply stop being kind to them, start distancing myself away from them etc. Because...
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    ScribbleHub Civil War: Tromba vs. 2023

    Where are the betting sites sponsors when you need them
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    What are some uses for [Inventory]?

    He has that gamer reflex so no problem
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    I feel lonely tonight (like every other night but today was special)

    I shouldn't be horny at least until tomorrow evening
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    I feel lonely tonight (like every other night but today was special)

    Any novel to help me distract myself? I just want something to read really.
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    Great opening lines on SH?

    "Mikado Ryuuko is the greatest living creature to ever exist." From I Am the Greatest. The line was the first sentence in the synopsis. It was such a giga chad line that i can't help but to read more.
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    Isekai-ed in to the last fiction you consummed, first thing you do....

    I'm not surviving this, no matter what world im in. Im gonna blame the gods for every single misfortune that i have and will drown in self pity because i have no cheats even though i got isekaid, then die when danger comes.
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    Amazing VR game idea

    The blink game is called before your eyes i think.. The idea is cool, but i think the fnaf like win condition would be boring. In fnaf you have different animatronics, with different ways to avoid them so the gameplay isn't too repetitive. In this game however, the only way to avoid the spirit...
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    Would you eat the sweet meat bun?

    Depends, who is the character in your dream?
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    NTR Poll Feel free to say you hate NTR... but it's not a poll option

    Ntr is like drugs the only answer is no.
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    Wax Seal Kits

    Its cool for medieval rp:blob_evil:
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    How many comments have you made?

    Never hurt to appreciate the author
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    Fiction doesn't affect reality. Fiction enhances reality.[Warning: Long Post]

    Of course fiction enchances reality, imagine reality without fiction. Yeah no, i didn't read the post
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    optimism for the win!

    Wow. I'm your opposite
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    Need Inspirational Song

    This is the first song that went in my head
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    Zombie-related question: What is a better choice?

    I'll just let the soldiers carry the substance, if they think they're going to die they can take the substance at the last minute
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    1 chap author

    I report this post for : I'm in this post and I don't like it.
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    More disappointment emojis pls

    Just post a selfie