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    Sell Me Your Story in 3 Sentences or Less

    Suddenly, he curiously looked at Wan Lin, “Are you impotent?” “What? No!” Wan Lin quickly answered which made Ding Hu suspicious.
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    How do you guys deal with not feeling good enough?

    Read a lot of wholesome manga/manhua/manhwa, watch youtube, or listen to spotify. Takes you mind off of negative thoughts.
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    I'm looking for a good read ~ HELP!

    Going to shamelessly plug my new xianxia novel Wan Lin. Synopsis: Wan Lin, a 16 year old street urchin, joins an immortal sect, as a lowly janitor because he doesn’t have a dantian. Through an unfortunate event, Wan Lin acquired a dantian and...
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    What is your favorite method to get inspiration or motivation ?

    Showering, sleeping, reading other novels, and reading manga/manhwa/manhua.
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    Have any of you heard of web novel? cause All i hear is RR and SH

    It's a convenient website to use to read light novels, but I'd avoid signing a contract with Web Novel.
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    (Poll) Flowery vs Fruity

    Depends on how strong the smell is.