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  1. Stepp

    Main protagonist that uses an umbrella

    Kagura from Gintama. I'd show you another gif but apparently I can't upload it since it's too large. Just search her up on YouTube or Google. Also, though she can use it as a gun, she mainly uses it to smash things. (Edit: Forgot about the MC part) She isn't really the MC but being one of the...
  2. Stepp

    Recommendations Best Writing in Scribble hub ?

    Anything by Razmatazz is pretty good if you ask me. I haven't read all of their stories but the ones I have are chock full of worldbuilding and development. The pacing is rather slow but that's just how I like it, don't know about you tho.
  3. Stepp

    How many of you like Touhou?

    Can I be called a Touhou fan if I haven't played any of the games but I really like the music and the doujins(both NSFW and sfw)?
  4. Stepp

    How Do You Cope with Bad Days?

    Having an outlet like punching a wall/pillow/whatever. Another alternative is having fun with your hobbies. It somewhat helps you forget your bad feelings at the moment. Even if they come back later when you're finished, at least you're calmer than earlier.
  5. Stepp

    Can you appreciate a story without identifying yourself to the MC ?

    Yes. The things I like the most about stories are the characters. How they interact with each other, how they develop, that kind of stuff. This is pretty much why I like series like Gintama and Tsurezure Children so much.
  6. Stepp

    How much languages do you speak nya?

    Filipino, English and some spoken Japanese, though I can't read any of it.
  7. Stepp

    Profile Picture

    I just pick things that look good.
  8. Stepp

    What was the most badass moment in your life?

    -That time I just snapped at my 2nd oldest brother after getting tired from all his bullshit. - That time I got 4 SSR characters in a 10 roll. -That time I actually managed to get 100% in all my subjects. Happened once, never happened again.
  9. Stepp

    What Good Thing Happened Today?

    Got not 1, not 2, heck not even 3, but FUCKING 4 SSR CHARACTERS!!! I was in a restaurant with my family at the time eating a grilled cheese sandwich but due to the shock I screamed and jumped out of my chair, spilled my iced tea and food onto the floor and embarrassed myself but I have no...
  10. Stepp

    Username and Avatar

    Current Username: Steppe - I'm not the most creative person and I usually have trouble thinking up names. So I just abbreviated 'Stephen' and I just got attached to it. Current Avatar: I REALLY don't like horror and one time when I was reading the comments after a chapter I was really scared of...
  11. Stepp

    What make a demihuman "Demihuman"?

    If that's so then I wonder if the term demihuman can be considered as deragatory as well, since they can take it as if they're "less than humans". Maybe Beastkin can be an alternative, since it means that they're family of beasts. I don't know if that's better but it certainly better than "a...
  12. Stepp

    About material to make coin

    Stone maybe? Bartering is always an option too.
  13. Stepp

    Advice on how to make good side characters and is having the MC turn out to be a spy for the opposing side a good idea?

    Not just making them be one-off character. Don't just use them once and then throw them away. Give them more screentime in normal day-by-day interactions for instance. Your more likely to remember someone you've talked with five times than someone you've talked with twice after all. Have the...
  14. Stepp


    Class: Magic-user, Dollmancer, Golem-user or anything like that really. Bibliophile works too. Character Customization: I don't know, maybe a Loli? With long black hair that reaches to my thighs. I always did have a thing for long hair. Though short hair is nice too. Race: Magician (Touhou...
  15. Stepp

    Angst or Fluff?

    I'd say both actually, as long as both are done nicely. I like angst because I like to see the characters struggle. And I like fluff because it just makes me feel good.
  16. Stepp

    To fix the mess of the former isekai hero, what blessing would you choose?

    I would pick either 2 or 4 but considering my abysmal communication skills, I'm gonna have to go for 4.