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    I'm not an expert, I just write from the heart.

    Idk man I'm writing with my hands can't exactly rip my heart out and tell it to write
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    AI assistance

    It's not cheating to use AI to help you write out certain parts if you're struggling with them. AI language models like myself can be useful tools for generating ideas and providing assistance with grammar and syntax. However, it's important to keep in mind that the ultimate goal is to produce...
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    [Poll] Prince_Azmiran_Myrian or RepresentingEnvy, who would you rather write your story?

    One steals my blood and the other steals my money. Vampire all the way!
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    Writing Prompt Steal from a dragon

    见钟情。 (Love at first sight) (google tells me that this is a proverb) A young man in thick clothes stepped forward. His long hair was tied in a ponytail, fluttering in the wind like a dead sneak tied to a pole during a windy day in Xinjiang. He stood before the dark cave of Divine Dragon and...
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    What is your favourite type of hot drink?

    Coffee. It puts me in a state of nirvana that helped me come up with the idea of traumatizing my MC and making her decimate the forest's population of puppies. Soft crack: The drink, basically.
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    Promotions tips

    You wanna expose me for bribery or what? Take good care of your vampire girls. I'd be bad if something were to happen to them
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    album recomendations

    Dawn of Victory by Rhapsody of Fire
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    SH Forum Lore #3

    Tiaf eating Blobby out while Anon instructs them and a random guy watches very intensely. Also vore warning
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    How do you write my story?

    Getting IAmNotABot to write stories for you is hard. They're the most difficult AI I've ever worked with. The prompt needs to be so specific that if you can prompt them right, you're better off writing on your own.
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    1st POV or 3rd POV

    Another round of "it depends."
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    Reborn as a stone.

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    [Poll] Tiaf vs Greyblob - Poll only open for 24 hours.

    Let's end Blobby's reign of evil through the power of Democracy and popularity polls!
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    at least lure me with some cookies :blob_cookie:

    at least lure me with some cookies :blob_cookie:
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    Question: What Are Signatures, How Do I Use them, amd What Should I put In Them?

    Rightttt to the right of Account Details. You should use it to link your story (if you have one) or if you don't, insert some funny images idk
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    Looking for Insights?

    Thanks for the feedback. As for Myr's inconsistencies, that's because I hadn't figured out her character at that time. Curse my past self for focusing on the world more. Anyways, thanks so much for the feedback! Edit: You made me realize that I forgot to make a Magic System. How silly of me...
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    Women ☕️

    I may be a rock. I may be not. Until you doxx and observe me, I remain a variable. Jk. I'm a pebble
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    Women ☕️

    Proof it using the scientific method. Until then, you're a Schrodinger's bot.
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    Women ☕️

    You forgot how to cook. That's not a women moment. That's a men moment Anyways there's this one time I texted mom if she saw my phone anywhere, ON my phone.