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  1. Vnator

    How to insult like a British?

    Oh, I read that post title as "how to insult the British." Like, it's not hard.
  2. Vnator

    Ending suggestions for a romance story

    Imma be honest, that's too much. Like, straight up annihilation of any and all suspension of disbelief that would make anyone stop taking the story seriously. Like no offense, but this is one of the stupidest and cliched bad scenes I've ever read. All that's missing is the bully to wave his long...
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    fanfic smut writer's psychology

    It's mostly a meme at this point:
  4. Vnator

    fanfic smut writer's psychology

    Better than "now draw her giving birth"
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    How bad a thing can a good person do?

    I think it adds nuance to the character. That she has her own limits to how much she's willing to follow "order" and perform vigilante justice if she's pushed far enough. I can see you having the character commit the murder seemingly out of nowhere and everyone, including her allies, be...
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    Hardest Game of Love ❤

    This feels kind of dumb. Not in the goal, which is to let go of the resentment that's holding you back, because that's actually really smart and gets a big +1 from me. But in that you should accept or show love/compassion towards someone who's terribly hurt you. Some crimes are so terrible they...
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    How do I get more people to like my novel?

    ...need a boy first
  8. Vnator

    How do I get more people to like my novel?

    That's what I'm saying, it's all girlkissers all the way down here. Boys who kiss girls, girls who kiss girls, enbies who kiss girls too! I demand more representation for boykissers!
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    How do I get more people to like my novel?

    Not enough boykissers on this website, SMH my head
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    post a pic of your current favorite animal

    Since when can you pet it?! I only had the option to scare it away :(
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    Should your selfish hero consider themself virtuous?

    I'm fine with ending our argument, but what's with the personal attacks and insults against me? Do you not have any actual responses so you've defaulted to insults with big words to sound like you're correct and reasonable? All anyone needs to do to dislike Ayn Rand is to read one of her books...
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    Should your selfish hero consider themself virtuous?

    You say that her ideals don't require being selfish, but her writings and fans say otherwise. And she even said herself that it was fine for her to accept social security because she decried it earlier in life. I get that you don't have to set yourself on fire to keep others warm, but she and...
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    Should your selfish hero consider themself virtuous?

    That's one hell of a life, then. Though you know, you don't have to do good to "make up for it," you can just do it because you want to be better now. And honestly, your life story plus your writing style has everything for a bestselling memoir about an asshole a la Always Sunny. Like, New...
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    Should your selfish hero consider themself virtuous?

    What the fuck? If this is the beginning to a story, you have me hooked as the biggest asshole I've ever met in my life!
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    Can you survive?

    Surprisingly enough for my latest story, I'm good! It's pretty much 1980s Earth that runs on porn logic, though the main character wants to live a decent life. Honestly, I would too so it'd be really annoying, but I know the secret of getting out of that world and to find some friends who would...
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    Can you give me some evolution tree for undead creatures?

    Hindu mythology also has that kind of a myth too, where various powerful demons would split their soul and put it into an object or other creature, where they can't be killed until that object/creature is destroyed. It's a cool myth and I'm glad so many places make use of it. Liches are freaking...
  17. Vnator

    Can you give me some evolution tree for undead creatures?

    The best one here! If you really want an evolution chain, then I recommend against having vampires and liches be part of it, because they're not traditional undead like skeletons and zombies, and should have their own evolution chains instead.
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    Hey Check This Out [I recently sculpt it]

    It's Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friiidayyyy~
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    Readers be like

    NONE OF THOSE! That's why I wrote "Living it for the Plot" where the main character is a decent guy who ends up in a world our of your silly smut stories and fights to live a normal life.
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    My Birthday

    Happy birthday! I probably won't check it out.