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  1. RimuThighHighs

    A month of work in my first story

    Frome one fledgling author to another let me congratulate you! Excellent work I hope you keep on posting <3
  2. RimuThighHighs

    How to channel your inner perversion to write porn?

    I'm honestly just a horny degenerate weeb so penning filthy smut comes naturally to me I generally just come up with fantasies that get me aroused and then find a way to incorporate them into a story that would make sense and be satisfying to the readers. I don't believe there's so great secret...
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    How many words can be in a chapter?

    None of my chapters is consistent I fluctuate from as little as 500 words to 3000 it all depends on the Chapter honestly
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    I can't even surpass a story that updates zero times a week and only has three chapters

    I honestly feel that I'm just incredibly lucky that my story got traction when I started posting a year ago. I began the novel on a whim and gave it a ridiculous light novel title before rebranding earlier this year. I'm approaching 100 chapters and writing for the sake of writing. All i can...
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    Which title would make you want to click on a story? (Come give me your opinion)

    "I tasted a birds flesh, now I'm immortal" is by far the most eye-catching title in my humble opinion
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    How Would You Review Your Own Story?

    I'm harsher with myself than scathing review could ever be but if I'm being honest I'd say that it's rough and unrefined, the passing is often to fast or to slow some characterization is forced or contrived. The world building can be a touch confusing and or not adequately explained. And the...
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    Need Writers for Open source Visual Novel

    Sounds promising I'd be interested happy to contribute and can also help with the spicy scenes.
  8. RimuThighHighs

    Describe your own writing

    Tragedy and Lesbians.
  9. RimuThighHighs

    BL vs GL vs STRAIGHT?!

    I'm bisexual so i appreciate both boys and girls love but I always tend to find myself writing stories with strong girls love elements. So i have to opt for GL but both are fine.
  10. RimuThighHighs

    Got my first one star rating...

    When I started posting my novel a few months ago I really struggled with the anonymous one star ratings and negative comments, even now they can still get to me if I'm having a bad day. The way I deal with them is by recognizing that they really don't matter they're an arbitrary system that we...
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    Sell Me Your Story in 3 Sentences or Less

    Title Kodomajo: I died a lonely death but reincarnated into another world as a power witch who is a total glass cannon! I'm awful at giving synopsis and telling people why they should check out my story but here goes nothing. It's an isekai revenge story about a 37 year man who reincarnates...
  12. RimuThighHighs

    How do you guys deal with not feeling good enough?

    Sorry it wasn't a deliberate flex i assure you :(
  13. RimuThighHighs

    How do you guys deal with not feeling good enough?

    Hiya everyone this is my first time posting a discussion on here! I struggle with anxiety and low self esteem so i was just wondering how do you guys deal with thoughts of not being good enough? I often end up not wanting to post chapters because I think my writing is either boring or...
  14. RimuThighHighs

    Novel Suggestion: I Became the Little Sister of a Hero, so What?

    I mean i would but i barely have time for my own novel lol
  15. RimuThighHighs

    Looking for female leads

    I'd say check out mine but seeing how it has a gender bent protagonist and girls love...I'ma just see myself out,
  16. RimuThighHighs

    What's the favourite show of a character's power you ever wrote?

    I have it planned a way down the line in my story it's not so much a power play as it is an outright declaration of war.
  17. RimuThighHighs

    Don't do this. [ Advice for new webnovel writers. ]

    I think that's an extremely interesting take and I agree with much of your advice! Do you have any tips for growing your Patreon mines been stagnant and I'm hoping to grow it this year.
  18. RimuThighHighs

    One of the reason why making an OP character faithful in an RPG adaptation may not be a good idea

    You could always implement that great game story mechanic where you're unbelievably powerful at the beginning of the game but than you're stripped of almost all of your equipment and abilities lol
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    How do you feel about people giving your story a bad rating for no apparent reason?

    I don't care and I mean that with the utmost sincerity zero shits given my friends, the value and worth of a story can't be quantified by something as rudimentary as a rating system and after all even trash has great meaning to some. I used to get upset and down every time I would get a...