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    I want a wife!

    Why do you want wife? :blob_popcorn:
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    Writing Prompt Write a story in 6 words

    I see that you have come
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    Penguin worship thread

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    Any highschool students here?

    Yeah. Grade 12 Student here. (PH Old Pres. added Kto12)
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    What's the best song to have sex with?

    This song, my man. :blob_joy: :blob_joy: :blob_joy:
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    How to write a scene with characters that don’t understand each other’s language

    Hmm~ such language barrier will appear to happen unless one korean atleast how to atleast able to converse in Russian since you said the kid can't speak other languages. Yet, can the Korean characters you portrayed able to atleast able to read russian word since there are certain people who...
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    I see.... (So you're actually a woman, my bad) :blob_catflip: Looks like its a bad suggestion. Welp, time to lurk around once again.
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    No bro, what I'm saying is for authors like us that wants to write chapters. Your referring to people that 'read' and not 'create' although I do think my suggestuon seems misleading. :blob_hmm_two: Example: Psst! Hey!' Looking around, I keep hearing a subtle whisper in the surrounding and no...
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    I'm also actually wondering why they dont also implement font size since we can be creative in creating conversation (whisper, shouts [although can capslock it], etc.) Fonts change can also say an accent when cursive... I guess :blob_hmm_two: :blob_hide: This is on making chapters type of...
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    What do you do when not writing?

    Game, reading porn, reading webnovel, sleep, play, eat, do chores, or anything else that you might think of in a daily basis when you're not writing.
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    Wholesome reader!

    Nice bro. :blobthumbsup:
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    I was kicked out of my clan. TT__TT

    wew. That's new. My apologies for that. Last time, I can still join some that I was kicked out of. New update seems to prevent rejoining?
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    I was kicked out of my clan. TT__TT

    Can't you just go back in?
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    Gimme meme

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    Hi, just saying hi to my fellow Authors.

    Hello. Here a table! (ノ`Д´)ノ彡┻━┻
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    Country of Origin?

    where living beings live.
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    Requesting assistance

    Hmm~ It may be better to silently give the girl a hint that you are on her side and you know what they're doing to hrr. Leading a set of evidence, we can compound the probability of where the one you're going for if you're able to hack the cameras around the area. Though you can't just...
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    Dear Shub Authors of the internet, what made you choose Shub?

    I was actually reading a novel on NUpdates before stumbling upon a novel here called Classmancers. Got hooked into it before becoming a daily reader here looking around for wasting time novel bad or not. And it got me thinking, "should I make a novel?" reading overtime. I make drafts and drafts...
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    Story idea

    That will tackle a lot of hardship for you to make that good of a story. It may also cause a lot of 4th wall break considering you said that the MC will know the being (author) that controls him or rather manipulating him. I give you a good luck regardless.
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    Which version of Windows makes you feel the most nostalgic?

    Windows 7??? That's the only PC that I have use in my entire life and now it's broken. I have now ever since use mobile