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    When is a 1star rating justified

    Inflation. People give out 5 stars like candy on Halloween so 1 stars are needed to balance it out.
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    Great opening lines on SH?

    So, how would you rank them by how much you like them as stories? Does the current ranking change much?
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    weird idea

    Hey, so I've been meaning to reach out to you recently. I've found one of your eyes a while back, and honestly I don't want to lose my soul, so could we maybe work out some deal here?
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    How would an geometry based magic system work?

    Let's get a spin off where the protagonist is kicked out of their party for only using circle magic but is actually the strongest. Sorry, I've spent too much time reading trash manga.
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    Is there a difference between werewolves and wolfkin demi-humans?

    You are a covert furry! You deny that werewolves are furries!
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    Is there a difference between werewolves and wolfkin demi-humans?

    They are not furries but werewolves are
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    What is the most disappointing, not bad, ending to a series you have finished?

    Fair then, though the manga ending was pretty decent In my opinion
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    It's a Character Lineup!

    Pik committed the murder arson
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    Recommendations Looking for stories where the protagonist researchers/tries to understand magic

    "The Reincarnation of Alysara" is pretty good, though the Mc leans more into the Mana aspect of things
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    Thoughts on these Reborn Isekai story ideas?

    1 sounds unique, not sure that I would read it though. 2 sounds like a set up for the typical humans bad everything else good nonsense. 3 sounds like it would be a good social commentary if it wasn't written by someone on smuthub. 4. Honestly, I really like the part about a god in training...
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    Reincarnated in a fantasy world: would you rather...?

    Honestly, a Mc Reincarnated as an automata would be pretty cool
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    Good mobile games?

    Magic Survival is a good time killer, though I'm not sure if it's really playable for longer than an hour or two
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    Is the new Avatar movie going to bomb?

    It's gonna somehow be the highest selling movie while simultaneously having no one you ever meet having seen it or being able to describe the plot
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    Writing On writing intelligent characters.

    Ainz is actually somewhat smart, he is even trying to learn how to govern better
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    Evil lesbian protagonist!

    It's not nazi, there is no genocide. Isn't it ww1 or something?
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    Solo Leveling Anime Adaptation

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    Has anybody read a GOOD harem story?

    Not controversial in the slightest
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    Your favorite god and/or legends hero?

    You like a rapist?