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  1. Southdog

    Civil War

    >Wants to write an American Civil War story >Removes every important element of the American Civil War You can make a pretty good argument that the American Civil war was the first major industrialized, modern war. There were sniper rifles, repeating infantry weapons, major artillery...
  2. Southdog

    Don't Like The Hero's Journey? Here's Reasons to Avoid It and Another Option

    Look it's wonderful you have an opinion on the matter, but you have a youtube commentator avatar so I'm going to ignore everything you say because I don't like those things.
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    Reincarnated in a fantasy world: would you rather...?

    1: Ideally, reincarnate into an adult of whatever the dominant species is. 2: Fully grown, because children and babies have such little agency any stories about them are limited. I also think it would be more interesting to contrast how childhood in different cultures affects the personality of...
  4. Southdog

    Introverts vs extroverts: Who make the best protagonists?

    No such thing as an introvert, anyone who says that they are one was just improperly socialized as a child. With that out of the way, extroverts are a lot more interesting to write. They act, they're not acted upon. It makes things more dynamic.
  5. Southdog

    What is the goal of your magic system? A brief description of said system would be nice too.

    People who worry about all the rules of their magic system are dweebs. If you want to write a magic system turn it into a DnD supplement and save me the trouble of reading through your explanation of Mana, spell levels and fifth order grand circle wizards of the knotted bed sheets or what have you.
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    Is it in bad taste to use historical figures in an isekai?

    It's more fun to do weird picks. In my first draft of redneck isekai, I had the inventor of pepsi as one of the previously isekai'd individuals. He was responsible for the modern navy of the country he ended up in... and also introducing Pepsi to elves, dragons and ogres.
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    Don't you love it when

    Just kill your critics. They're clearly incompetent, they're bitching about my work instead of being productive themselves. Might as well savw the oxygen.
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    The villain/antagonist who got on your nerves.

    The Fomor in The Dresden Files. They show up after the mid-series shakeup in Changes. They're basically never the main antagonist of any book until Battle Ground where suddenly they're invading Chicago with close to zero build up. They're like a worse version of the Red Court, the series' first...
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    Recommendations Isekai Where the Protagonist Want to go Home

    The Chronichles of Narnia, A Connecticut Yankee, John Carter
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    Side characters to assist MC

    Man, you'll love the Dresden Files then
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    Irredeemable Protagonist: Yay or Nay?

    Sure. Just don't forget to make the character compelling, too. You can't expect audience engagement if the depth of your being is "i kick puppies and burn orphanages."
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    Tips? Tricks? Secret rituals that you use to motivate you when you are writing?

    Beer. Some tobacco. Preferably Guinness or Yuengling Stout/Black and Tan. I like Swisher Sweet Minis and Marlboro Reds.
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    Rock, paper, scissor

    Rock, Paper, Scissors, shoot
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    Democracy in strength based world

    It likely won't. Democracy is founded on the premise that all participants in a society have equal individual agency in the decision making process. I.e, everyone eligible should get one vote and every eligible vote should count as well as any other vote. When you're in a society where some...
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    Out of Place Vernacular

    It's a microcosm of bigger issues the show has. It shows the writers don't care to make the characters sound like they belong in Middle-Earth. If they can't do that, why would you expect them to make a believable Middle-Earth? They can't communicate to the audience that they care about how their...
  17. Southdog

    is a protagonist whose gender you don't reveal considered genderless?

    Technically, gender unspecified unless noted otherwise. The more progressively minded would assume nonbinary. Realistically that's stupid and makes your writing clunky if this is an English work, considering the lack of a third-person singular in that language.
  18. Southdog

    I believe I have a weapon idea that could end wars without violence.

    They weren't even on meth, it was just really caffeinated chocolate.