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  1. ConansWitchBaby

    What tags bring the most traffic to your story?

    Beastiality. I kid. It was, Priest.
  2. ConansWitchBaby

    give me Writing prompts

    A murder mystery where regular animals need to solve. No inner dialogues. Good ol' half-brained dogs, cats, and goats figuring it out by accident.
  3. ConansWitchBaby

    There's no #1 best author in the world. Here's Why...

    Wasn't it that one chick who outsold the bible?
  4. ConansWitchBaby

    How do you feel about the AWU writer's strike?

    Of course you can! Just because you aren't a pilot doesn't mean you don't know that things have gone to shit when you see a helicopter stuck in the trees. As long as they don't keep pushing for benefits that encompass poor performing employees it should be fine. They should really not push...
  5. ConansWitchBaby

    What did you learn today?

    I learned that Tomahawks are purely a European invention. Introduced by our favorite pedo John Smith of Pocahontas fame from his embellished and romanticized stories of the native population. It's only associated with American Indians because it was one of the most common traded goods to them...
  6. ConansWitchBaby

    How did your fantasy world abolish slavery ?

    They owned like 70% of the total slave population in Europe.
  7. ConansWitchBaby

    How did your fantasy world abolish slavery ?

    It didn't. Trying it will get 20 spears shoved up the stink hole with a few fireballs melting the face of any abolitionist. Who knew people with questionable values and/or lack of morals hate when their main source of income is threatened?
  8. ConansWitchBaby

    Writing World-building Exercise.

    Casual conversations with past familial generations through the use of artifacts or necromancers. Given how magic works in my world, people tend to do transfigurations and minor sculpting through object sculpting to gain levels passively. More pure mass communication and/or broadcasting? I'd...
  9. ConansWitchBaby

    Writing World-building Exercise.

    Where does the water in your world come from?
  10. ConansWitchBaby

    What are anime and manga\webtoons with character designs that you like the most?

    Rosen Garten Saga Greatest Estate Developer
  11. ConansWitchBaby

    What did you learn today?

    That Lindt Lindor, white chocolate truffle pieces are so fucking good.
  12. ConansWitchBaby

    Is it unhealthy that I always refresh my novel page?

    Dashboard refresh is better. I also don't want anything to happen. Silent readers are the best. Otherwise social interactions happen.
  13. ConansWitchBaby

    What did you learn today?

    I learned that people genuinely do not understand why the court systems keep getting more convoluted. It's like complaining non-stop about everything means that the people in charge will slap a fix to the side of an already existing law, that was already clear for anyone with half a brain, just...
  14. ConansWitchBaby

    Looking for some retro titles to play.

    Knights of the old Republic 1&2 The Bard's Tale (good comedy) Super Mario Sunshine Fatal Frame Series Sonic series;' Sega Genesis F.E.A.R. series Star Ocean 1-3 (3 is my favorite) Xenosaga 1,2,3 Silent Hill 1 and 2 Gta: Vice City Time Splitters Sly Cooper series Black (the spiritual successor...
  15. ConansWitchBaby

    Any ideas you know you are never going to touch?

    If I remember correctly, we were taking the piss on long winded Japanese LN titles. Specifically because the vending machine isekai manga had come out. I just chose the stick because it's electronic and box shaped. As for location, it was from different conversation where I was explaining why...
  16. ConansWitchBaby

    Any ideas you know you are never going to touch?

    Yep. USB stick in Mongolia with the power to speak to fish. Wut.
  17. ConansWitchBaby

    Any ideas you know you are never going to touch?

    Just what are random plans you had that while it seemed fine at the time, once you forgot about or got too busy, you came back and realized, "how about no." For me it was a thought experiment on making a comedy oriented story. Where it was an Isekai'd guy that got summoning powers. His first...
  18. ConansWitchBaby

    LITRPG novels with MC as a baby ?

    Shindou Sefiria no Gekokujou Program Literal baby. OP magic. What's child labour laws? Another one that with a infant protagonist but no action but slice of life is: The Cute Little Granny Girl Hinata-chan
  19. ConansWitchBaby

    A little milestone. YAAY