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  1. Redemit

    Recommendations Immortal mc's successive romances

    I don't have any suggestions but I've also been looking for a story similar to the song the highwaymen Basically it's a song about an immortal who's just a normal guy who just lives normal lives until he has a accident and "dies" and moves on to something different I think such a story could...
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    What would you do when you woke up one day inside the body of your main character

    Lol I know where the secret button is so I'd just go press it
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    album recomendations

    My favorite band is probably demon hunter and their music can go real hard or soft and somber depending on the album but recently I've been on a Irish tunes binge with bands like the high kings, the Wellermen, the dreadnoughts and the longest johns, plus a little bit of Nordic themed bands like...
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    [free] another ai images thread

    😂 That 3rd image what were you going for?
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    How to insult like a British?

    Drink 3 to 6 pints of Guinness put a handful of marbles in your mouth and just start swearing and saying bloody wot and mate alot
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    The You of 2013

    I'd probably kick my own ass and tell myself to try harder
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    Who is the hero of your life?

    As a Christian my answer should probably be Jesus as he saved my soul from eternal damnation and has had a major impact on my life and my beliefs. But I'd actually have to say my Dad he passed away when I was about 6 years old but before he did he did everything he could to show me and my...
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    Bite bite bite

    I've bitten my brothers when we've gotten into fights before and my dogs
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    Pizza with pineapple

    The woodchipper does not discriminate all degenerates are welcome to it's warm embrace But in all seriousness pineapple is only good cold/cool and pizza in my opinion is only good hot therefore these 2 don't mix
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    He could simply be trying to curb their arrogance and to give them the drive to be better so that in the future they can become actual challenges to him
  11. Redemit

    Any good news on dragon age 4?

    I'll be honest while I tend to have major issues with the series I do still enjoy them more than I hate them so I hope it turns out well
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    Recommendations Looking for advice on how to just relax

    Go outside at dusk and lay in the grass
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    What is with WebNovel new Terms?

    I honestly don't understand why people still submit to WebNovel it's literally a scam to steal authors works
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    What are some uses for [Inventory]?

    Better question what WOULDN'T it be useful for?
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    What was the first fanfic that you ever read?

    I don't remember what it was called but I remember not realizing it was a fanfic till nearly the end and then later checked out the original and didn't like it nearly as much
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    Looking for some retro titles to play.

    Legend of dragoon It was the first JRPG I'd ever played when I was like 8 years old it had a very unique and interesting and sometimes frustrating combat mechanic that in all honestly the lack of has always made all other JRPG games feel...
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    Isekai-ed in to the last fiction you consummed, first thing you do....

    I'm dropping into the horizon zero dawn games And I think I'm in danger
  18. Redemit

    Isekai-ed in to the last fiction you consummed, first thing you do....

    Either the US capitol or the comic book universe honestly? I don't know which is more dangerous and full of evil