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    Blind the ripper

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    If you can become any fictional character, who would you choose?

    There was a MC from a wish-fulfillment novel I’ve read years back. He basically had the powers to just wish for whatever he wanted, and it happened. Author called it power of creation or something, I don’t remember, all I do remember is that he was absurdly broken. Basically, could just make...
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    Would you rather? (Game)

    I mean I kinda need to sit my ass and focus on one thing for a long time, so I’d take that. Would you rather be a Shapeshifter in modern world, or an Ogre in a fantasy world?
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    Would you rather? (Game)

    Damn you, what kind of question is that?! I’ll take the tea…. Would you rather be a xianxia villain young master, or a standard isekai fantasy villain
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    Would you rather? (Game)

    Oh, I like this one, an Inhabited planet! Would you rather have super strength, or super speed?
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    Would you rather? (Game)

    I’m tempted to say bear. Would you rather transmigrate to a Xianxia, or western Fantasy world?
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    Would you rather? (Game)

    Easy, I’m already a sloth. Would you rather be able to fly, but you get explosive diarrhea everytime you do, or be able to teleport, with a 30% risk of teleporting into walls, buildings, or even underground.
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    Would you rather? (Game)

    Binge watch, would you rather be Immortal, or die tomorrow?
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    Would you rather? (Game)

    Vampire, would you rather lose an arm or a leg?
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    How long does it take you to write a chapter?

    Damn, seeing all the hardworking authors in this thread and how everyone spends hours on editing is making me ashamed of myself. I usually write for 1 hour everyday, and re-read my chapter for any mistakes I might have missed.
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    Challenge to write something in Second Person Future Tense

    Oh yeah, forgot about that, Edited! Was an interesting prompt. Helped me procrastinate instead of working on my chapter 💀
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    Challenge to write something in Second Person Future Tense

    As you tread down the winding path that cuts through the dense, enchanted forest, your mind will wander to the past, recalling the time when the world was a far more familiar place. But in the year 2089, the world will have transformed beyond recognition. The woods will be quiet, except for the...
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    Need music recommendations.

    Aurora’s thingy Closest thing I can think of on top of my head. Maybe smth like this too?
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    Best Single Player (Offline) Games?

    Usually the ones you pay for work no problem, the free ones f*ck up most of the time though
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    Is it unhealthy that I always refresh my novel page?

    I usually post a chapter right before I go to sleep. So by the time I wake up, I can check the accumulated comments all at once. I find that better than constantly refreshing the page.
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    Best Single Player (Offline) Games?

    I lived in china for a few years, and I can assure you, you’ll have nothing to worry about when it comes to internet speed. You might want to download a VPN however, due to the firewall, other than that, it’s all good.
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    one movie that's just a long dialogue in Paris

    Before sunrise I think is the first one, before sunset? I believe is the second one, and the third part I forgot Oh yep, found it, First movie is before sunrise, second movie, the one you are looking for is before sunset, and third and final movie is before midnight. Loved that movie btw.
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    I made some free covers this week

    That’s impressive, I especially like the Elven lies covers!
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    A bit hectic lately, I moved to a different country so there’s that, but all in all still fun...

    A bit hectic lately, I moved to a different country so there’s that, but all in all still fun. What about you? )
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    Good luck!!

    Good luck!!