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  1. GlassMan

    Writing Prompt Who is your favorite, or least favorite, revolutionary and why?

    Least Favorite: Che Guvera. The reasoning is pretty simple, he was a horrible genocider who has been way way too overhyped and washed as this amazing revolutionary when realistically, he was a dictator and a segregationist
  2. GlassMan

    How Do You Write a Believable Male Protagonist?

    Via using a keyboard and mouse Nah but just like, think of one and then write it out. Surely this won't become Grimdark again
  3. GlassMan

    Running out of ideas

    When the well is dry, take a nap, take a shower, eat some food, go out and do something, etc. Inspiration comes at seemingly random times for a lot of people, so if you've hit a wall, step away from the keyboard and take a small break.
  4. GlassMan

    Webnovel Contracts

    I have a pending contract from Webnovel, and according to the support guy I talked to basically all they care about is popularity and 'potential popularity'. Basically, if your book is yet to be super popular, yet a staff member thinks it'll become popular, you'll get a contract offer. Don't...
  5. GlassMan


    I'm pretty sure this is the contract from Goodnovel right? I got one that was basically the exact same on my other account, which is straight-up a scam. Goodnovel is dead and has been for a while, so your book would be basically dead in the water for just over nothing. I would sign zero...
  6. GlassMan

    Creating Unique Cultures

    Stealing and twisting what you've seen in other media is always fun, but the number one thing I love to do is to give each culture/race little idiosyncrasies. A good example is making a race of people say verbs twice, with an example bit of dialogue being, "We ran scurried away from the...
  7. GlassMan

    How do you feel when you plot or incorporate those elements into your story?

    A good amount of these elements can be done very well, whilst others I've only seen turn weird and cringe. Most stories that go super over the top with depictions of 'cruelty' just end up being cringe. However, if you can incorporate a well-written war or murder or crime into a novel, it can...
  8. GlassMan

    Harem or One Heroine?

    I would say it depends a lot on your writing and story so far, if a harem would not work and not fit well with the developed characters, don't do it. If you think it can work or want it to work, be careful that it doesn't detract from the main emphasis of the story.
  9. GlassMan

    Any of y’all been in a fight?

    I've been in two fights with a good old win rate of 50%. One (lost this one) was against a guy around my height with arms like a monkey. Thought I could take him, I did not realize the importance of reach. The second one was against a person a little taller than me and a little heavier, but I...
  10. GlassMan

    It's a rant

    Cultivation novels. I have tried to read so so so many, yet they all have the exact same shit simply renamed. I'm serious. Try and read a cultivation novel and stop when you hit one of the following phrases. 'Face slap' 'Sect Elder' 'Young Master' 'Harem' 'X Amount of Years' 'X Strongest...
  11. GlassMan

    The Idiocy of

    Out of the heaps of garbage on WN, there are probably about two good novels on the whole site that get attention, the rest simply don't want to sign over their book to WN so they don't get traction on the site. Sites like this and RR, which are ya know sites for authors, not profit, usually...
  12. GlassMan

    The Idiocy of

    Yeah, webnovel's entire U.I is shit, and if you want your book promoted at all you need to sign over the copyrights in a really sleazy contract. Especially because the words 'Patreon' 'KoFi' and 'Paypal' are banned words, so they're just deleted from whatever author comment or chapter you make...