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  1. CJWrites

    500 word limit story ENDING with "A-a-and that's all, folks!"

    Hey all, I'm sorry this one took longer to happen, that nasty thing called Real Life likes to get in the way. This week is a little different. The winner of the last competition, @Shadehaven asked that their prompt be an Ending. I'm just as interested as the rest of you in finding out where...
  2. CJWrites

    500 word limit story starting with "A single sneeze was all it took..."

    Hey all, I hope you're enjoying these prompts as much as I am. This one comes to us via the lovely and talented @reversedbackwards who won the previous prompt with the most votes. His suggestion is: "A single sneeze was all it took..." Please keep your entry to 500 words or less and start...
  3. CJWrites

    Embedded Music in Chapters.

    Ooooh. This would be cool. +1
  4. CJWrites

    500 word limit story starting with 'Maniacal laughter turns to coughing and wheezing'

    Maniacal laughter turns to coughing and wheezing as smoke filled the room. The man tried waving it away from him but it only seemed to make things worse. Half blind he felt his way to the sink where he found the bucket he kept there and started to fill it. While it was filling he took his shirt...
  5. CJWrites

    500 word limit story starting with 'Maniacal laughter turns to coughing and wheezing'

    Hey all, Like last time, this prompt can be anything you want as long as it starts with that bit of text. No more than 500 words to make it a challenge for making a complete story. Have fun with it and let the magic happen. The one with the most likes wins and gets to choose the next topic...
  6. CJWrites

    Star Wars fans?

    Unfortunately no. His story and mine both happen to be set in the Old Republic. His is a Jedi tale around the Mandalorian War from Knights of the Old Republic 1. Mine is Sith side (Best side) tale, set a couple hundred years after that. (There is a lot of light sabers tomfoolery.)
  7. CJWrites

    Star Wars fans?

    Hey all, Was just wondering if there is an audience here for Star Wars fanfic or not? There is one up right not by @JamesKeller that has two chapters so far. I have a potentially multi book fanfic that I've been dying to write despite not being able to monetize it. Maybe if I can get it out of...
  8. CJWrites

    The Adventum Contest

    Is there an idiots guide to doing this as I've never posted anything to a site like this.
  9. CJWrites

    500 word limit full story starting with "A crack of thunder"

    Here's my entry. --------------- A crack of thunder boomed in the Colosseum. The skies opened up and rain poured down in a deluge, washing away the blood in the sand of the arena. The emperor lay dead, a look of shock etched into his pudgy features. The gladiator he had been facing wore an...
  10. CJWrites

    500 word limit full story starting with "A crack of thunder"

    I'm stealing this from a discord group I'm in with weekly writing prompts as a contest. If enough people want to participate we can make this a contest where the story with the most likes can pick the next topic or starting line. (Or steal the idea further and just do your own, I don't care)...
  11. CJWrites

    Other sites

    Patrons? Did you set up a website or something? Patreon / Subscribestar?
  12. CJWrites

    Other sites

    I'm not so much worried about the sites claiming it. It's Disney that I'm worried about. I posted why in another thread. They don't care about their fans, just making money. So I don't want to give them a story that doesn't suck as bad as what they've put out. Cheers
  13. CJWrites

    Other sites

    I have some rather extensive Star Wars ones. I don't want to publish though. Don't want the Maus to claim any work I do.
  14. CJWrites

    Other sites

    Question for everyone. Do you only post your stories here? Or do you post on other sites (Writer's Cafe, Etc) to get maximum exposure? I don't know much about this kind of thing with posting to these sites. I wouldn't think that the stories are proprietary to any one since they are the musings...
  15. CJWrites

    What inspire fanfics?

    I've written quite a bit of Star Wars fanfic. I have enough material in my head with the same set of characters to fill out a dualogy, maybe a trilogy of full length books. For me, the world and setting is absolutely amazing and I love it. I've gotten a lot of great feedback about my characters...
  16. CJWrites

    Adding "Deaf Character" tag

    It makes sense.
  17. CJWrites

    Welcome thread for the newbies!

    Hi all, I'm a complete newbie here. I generally stay away from forums unless I know someone there or it's for a game related thing. Friend of mine pointed me here as we're both working on our respective books. Thought I might meet some like minded folks here. I'll go down the check list on the...