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  1. Azrie

    Poll: Have You Been Rejected?

    Can't be rejected if you've never given them the chance. :blob_wink:
  2. Azrie

    Writing Easiest Genre to Start Out Writing in?

    If we are talking about easiest, then I think none of those three are particularly easy. Better luck simply writing slice of life, or some mindless power-fantasy, at least if we are talking just things being easy. Though I do believe in writing whatever one desires even if the end-result isn't...
  3. Azrie

    Are you?

    Depends on the story I am trying to tell, but I do always try to be hopeful with them. So all about silver-linings!
  4. Azrie

    Book or Language?

    Well, I do think writing is a ton more fun than learning a language. Mostly because you if lucky get other people to appreciate your work and it makes you feel good! Just kidding~ It's a fun activity all around for me anyway, my brain also enjoys it since it lets me imagine things, imagine how...
  5. Azrie

    Writing Prompt Spin the Generic Isekai Story with your personal Style

    Well, you said to add a personal touch. So I suppose I will turn it into first-person story. I won't build a whole world, but I find it fun to write one chapter or so of a prompt. So here it is: Highly likely to be unreadable, ALSO likely to be boring.
  6. Azrie

    Being an aspiring writer/ artist while having a main job.

    Patreon is not a stable way of income - or rather. I would say that writing is not a stable income unless you have some type of contract with a publisher/website. But, well, it's fine to try. Everyone has 24 hours a day to do whatever they like - of course, we all have responsibilities and...
  7. Azrie

    Best Piece of (Writing) Advice Ever Gotten

    Ma, for me it wasn't a specific thing. But I suppose one of the advice I like is — just turn it into a habit. That's how I basically live. I don't particularly chase for advice, I am not someone that requires it per se. Perhaps I will or I feel stuck but not to be motivated or anything. I...
  8. Azrie

    What kind of reader are you?

    Ma, taboo journal is a perfectly fine novel all things considered. At least to my eyes, I've read a good 100k words of it and the progression is nice and things happen. Whenever I pick something up I don't expect the next Top Rated novel. I don't expect a Wandering Inn, or a Blue Core. Taboo...
  9. Azrie

    RoyalRoad vs Scribble Hub

    I like SH because the site is more snappy, on the other hand RR readers are much more lenient with their wallets. So, I would say they both are great in their own way. I hate RR's ui, and editor, I hate both of those. But the readership is much more broad. As a "seasoned" author, I would say...
  10. Azrie

    Your first story and first chapter

    The only thing I can say is that - don't worry about it. It's a pointless question since everyone is different. For example: I can take 3 days to write a 1.7k word prologue and yet take 3 hours for a 4k word chapter. In the end, it all boils down to the contents that are in it; how careful you...
  11. Azrie

    Monster Story Arcs?

    The thing is, most stories run into the same problem without a twist and world to work around the premise. That's when you start asking yourself what if questions. For example, a common thing to happen is for the monster to grow and then be found by humans, and then an elite party is done - this...
  12. Azrie

    A bit paranoid about this thing inbox..

    I was wondering if it was real — perhaps they actually thought I was good?! And it happened. I got a second mail, a sign of the gods telling me they actually thought it was good. I am going to be popular now, mom are you looking? This is sarcasm. Perhaps if they send a 3rd one I might consider it.
  13. Azrie

    Writing Tension 101 ⁠— How to build tension as a newbie writer

    Well, I figured it would be nice to break it down into things, so that one can grasp the topic more easily. We all aren't the same. Why is it that some authors pick the "show don't tell" much more easier than others? But well, if you say it's as easy as what ace said. Then sure. That's...
  14. Azrie

    Writing Tension 101 ⁠— How to build tension as a newbie writer

    Before starting; why did I make this guide? As I started to venture more on the field of helping new writers I noticed a glaring issue. A lot of them didn’t know how to build tension, or simply found it hard. The real name of this guide is: Tension 101 ⁠— A simple way of building it. This...
  15. Azrie

    Writing Prompt Make the shortest story you can think of!

    Blossomed into space. Swallowed by the void.
  16. Azrie

    Between a story's plot and flow, which do you think is more important?

    I think flow has to be decent, but for me, it's plot first. This is as a reader. As far as my writing goes; it's reader and flow first, characters first, story and description seconds. I like using simple words and sentences to keep things easy to digest for the reader. I like having characters...
  17. Azrie

    Referrencing RL stuff into writing

    Barely any, if there is some fourth wall breaking it's done by the mc into themselves. I.e, they are reincarnated, and then a rock falls and shatters - it reminds them to how that one time their phone got shattered. I think subtle things like that are nice, and maybe even not 4th wall breaking...
  18. Azrie

    Army in Zombie Apocalypse story

    Anything is possible with proper justification, but to put it bluntly. Yes, it's something to be expected.
  19. Azrie

    Is there a way to learn more about 1 star reviews

    Well, I am not cupcake, but random one stars do happen. And can happen for no particular reason, in the end, you are bound to get them everyone is. As far as writing goes, well... I have personally found success in re-reading my work and analyzing it, what is it that makes it come off as this...