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  1. ddevans

    Writing Habits That You Can't Break

    I think of some really clever and unique way to phrase something. Then 50,000 words later I forget that I used it, and use it again, discovering it only later on a casual reread. The double edged sword of that is while using a unique phrase (or word) once is clever, using it twice makes you look...
  2. ddevans

    When would you go pro?

    I'm in my mid-30s and never managed to get ahead in life. I also work in a physically demanding job, and in ten years I won't even be able to do it. After the time I put aside for work, for sleep, for maintaining a healthy diet, for exercise, for a bit of socialization, for reading or playing...
  3. ddevans

    Finish Novels

    The only completely safe time to read a serial work is after it has been completed. There is a status for completed stories:
  4. ddevans

    What kind of protagonist would you prefer and why?

    I like a prosocial, proactive, professional protagonist.
  5. ddevans

    how do you write a non-dense harem mc?

    Density is the reason the MC doesn't 'just pick one' since it would seem like he was stringing them along if he does realize. What your MC needs is a good reason not to commit. For this you can contrive any reason, but might I recommend my personal Yandere Theory of Harems, an axiom which...
  6. ddevans

    The most plot formula to avoid in writing a good story

    There is a kind of divine tyranny to standard narrative expectations. You might think of such a thing as fate. Being a very clever writer, it's possible to elegantly accept the judgment of the gods, or to pointedly defy it. In the immortal words of Edel from Princess Tutu: "May those who accept...
  7. ddevans

    How do you create a funny school arc in your novel?

    These are the techniques I'm currently using in my novel with that same general theme. Not that they're Correct. Fighting The basic progression of a scripted fight has imo been perfected by professional wrestling. It is: Shine: Wherein the hero demonstrates his fundamental virtues. Heat: The...
  8. ddevans

    Bisexual MC?

    Bisexual Protagonist is a story tag. The MC in my novel is bisexual.
  9. ddevans

    What kind of writing style do you have?

    I write by reading books, noticing things I find annoying, and them trying to remove them from what I do whenever I notice that I'm doing exactly what I don't like. Sometimes, if I'm feeling punchy, I try to notice things that I like about books and add them, but that is far, far more difficult...
  10. ddevans

    Best Piece of (Writing) Advice Ever Gotten

    I'll echo Azrie, writing is a habit. Do it at the same (relative) time every day, for a fixed period of time. Have a separate period of time or phase set aside for editing, lest you get caught up in revisions when you should be producing new lines. But the best advice I got is within the...
  11. ddevans

    Poll: Which dere type is the best?

    Tsundere classic. Icy at first, then becoming dere over time. Literally a tale as old as time.
  12. ddevans

    Why do Most Readers Not Comment?

    Authors being able to delete comments seems like a system flaw. As far as authors giving people flak for reviews or comments, it should be a bannable offense. People should always feel safe to give feedback. If people have thin skin they shouldn't be writing.
  13. ddevans

    Why do Most Readers Not Comment?

    My assumption is that readers who don't comment are bots. I have no idea what percent of these kinds of non-interactive metrics are bots, so for all I know they all are.
  14. ddevans

    Reading foreign words in non-isekai novel

    I wrote a scene the other day where two characters decide that the words they are using (like "quixotic") seem to have no real origin. If your baseline assumption is that the characters are speaking a different language 'in-universe', it should also be possible for you to imagine that their use...
  15. ddevans

    Between a story's plot and flow, which do you think is more important?

    Speaking for myself, as a reader: grammar and spelling are just prerequisites. Especially spelling. The less tangible stuff like how evocatively you describe things are less important, as long as you remember to describe things that are important to the scene. I think long passages of...
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    Bellwether sketches

    What a charmingly rad idea.
  17. ddevans

    Bellwether sketches

    Believe me, I'm not the sort that would try to get an artist to work for free. I'll pm you.
  18. ddevans

    Bellwether sketches

    No big deal, they just stopped responding to me. No money had yet changed hands, however. I didn't press for details.
  19. ddevans

    Bellwether sketches

    Thank you!
  20. ddevans

    How to make outlining a story enjoyable & effective?

    Sure, but like, my outlines fail instantly. Within two chapters. Clearly it's absurd, at least for me, to plan far ahead. Maybe the advice from my perspective is an attenuating outline. Rather than planning in detail from the start, plan in progressively decreasing levels of detail? I have no idea.