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  1. hueyhare

    Where to find an editor?

    Hello all. I'm hoping to start self-publishing my current story via print-on-demand and ebook but before I do that, I want to get it professionally edited. I'd have it edited one arc at a time (about 15,000 to 20,000 words) so I'm thinking someone who works with short stories and/or web fiction...
  2. hueyhare

    How difficult: writing while studying or working

    I work full time and have two toddlers. And yes, I do put off writing sometimes for my other responsibilities. My best advice for keeping the word count climbing is setting aside part of your day, even if it's just an hour, and use that time to write every day. For me, that time is 5AM, while...
  3. hueyhare

    Zombie NPCs in Post-Apocalypse

    Pokemon zombies would be terrifying!
  4. hueyhare

    Zombie NPCs in Post-Apocalypse

    Totally. In fact, it would be awesome if the main character was someone else and the story is built up as a necessary revolution to overthrow the king that is supposedly exploiting his people. You follow the leader of the rebellion who doesn't even believe zombies exist. Then you discover first...
  5. hueyhare

    Zombie NPCs in Post-Apocalypse

    You mean, they eat everyone else, but when the MC interacts with them, they try to sell the MC their wares? I assume the MC would create a kingdom. People would flock to him because he's able to reason with the zombies. He would become a king and daily go out and talk to the zombies while...
  6. hueyhare

    The Not-So Evil "Evil"

    I agree. Some of my favorite characters are bad guys that turn out not to actually be bad guys. They're just broken, like everyone else. It definitely helps make your villains not look like Saturday morning cartoon villains too.
  7. hueyhare

    How many chapters/words does a story need to have before you'll think about reading it?

    Good point. I hadn't thought about consistency when writing up this question. In that case, how long does the author have to be consistently releasing chapters for you to give them a shot?
  8. hueyhare

    How many chapters/words does a story need to have before you'll think about reading it?

    I know there are a lot of factors here, like cover art, synopsis, whether or not its a known author, etc. But I'm curious to hear how long a story has to be before you'll give it a shot. Let's say you were on the fence about a story after reading the synopsis. If the story had a larger word...
  9. hueyhare

    Why do you write?

    Some of my favorite stories have made me fall in love with the characters, the world, and the lore. I write because I want to craft stories that provide that kind of experience for others. I want to build worlds and people that others will fall in love with. I also think it would be a pretty...
  10. hueyhare

    Need help with tension and interest!

    So I don't know the genre, but this is something used all over the place to increase tension. Add a time limit. If the the MCs are trying to protect a political leader, give them the time of day that an assassination attempt is going to happen. If they are looking for a murderer, maybe the...
  11. hueyhare

    Recommendations Your works?

    I'm writing a fantasy serial about a girl looking for her people on a mysterious island while war brews all around her. Here's the link:
  12. hueyhare

    Will You Be Writing In The NaNoWriMo Challenge?

    I might try. I've been doing the camps this year where you set your own goal. So far, the farthest I've gotten in a month is 25K, but I don't see any harm in signing up and trying. If I fail, I've still made progress on my story and the challenge is a little extra push to write more words than...
  13. hueyhare

    Do you use the glossary?

    I use it on mine. I don't know if anyone looks at it, but I find it's helpful to hold things like character, location, and race descriptions. mrsimple, it looks like links aren't supported in the glossary, so I don't thing that would work. It would be cool though.
  14. hueyhare

    What is the most liked genre on Scribble Hub?

    I was wondering the same thing. I'm glad to see that Fantasy is winning, but I'm not sure it will hold up with more votes. Seems like there's a ton of 'Girls Love' type stuff on here.
  15. hueyhare

    Hey guys! New to Scribble Hub and I want your feedback on my mystery novel.

    I have only read the first chapter so far, but I had hard time following what was going on. I like the punchiness, but the lack of information made it a little hard to track. For example, I understand in the first scene she is being accused of murdering someone and there are people surrounding...
  16. hueyhare

    Mind reviewing my novel?

    Just read through the prologue. It's intriguing! Makes me wonder what's in the first chapter. I'll try reading that later. As for now, I found a few issues with your prologue that I wanted to point out. I think the above sentence should end in "uninhabitable". It seems like creatures are...
  17. hueyhare

    Help me fix my synopsis

    Thanks for taking a look, BOWIESENSEI
  18. hueyhare

    Help me fix my synopsis

    Thanks for the feedback. I had added that part in to let readers know right away what genre they were looking at, but I guess the second sentence ("Elves, Dwarves, Humans...") makes that pretty clear on its own. As a temporary fix to this, I deleted that first phrase. I figure I'll rewrite the...
  19. hueyhare

    Help me fix my synopsis

    So in another recent post it was mentioned that my synopsis isn't great. I was hoping I could get some help making it better here. Here's what I have currently: I think part of the problem is that I have a lot I'm trying to fit in there, and I start with the world instead of the character. It...