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    I will tell you when and why I stopped reading your story.

    Please, check out my story. Thank you!
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    Let's review swap! (5 slots left) I'd love to take part in the review swap.
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    I really don't understand why people like Itachi...

    a valid point. But I believe it's more about him being an interesting character than likeable or morally acceptable. His motivations may be riddiculous - well, what is not riddiculous in Naruto? - but its enough to make him intresting-tragic-evil in the context of Itachi being presented as a...
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    Envy's Free Feedback Thread [Thread Closed]

    I'd love to get some feedback on my story. Do not hesitate to be brutaly honest.
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    After Becoming Extremely Bored, ile and Eve made a Lazy Book Corner

    I'd love to get some feedback on my story.
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    Free feedback thread.

    I'd love to get some feedback.
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    Free First Chapter Feedback (V2)

    I'd love to get some feedback on my first chapter, I'm wondering if it's as gripping as it should be.