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    I'm losing hope

    You said it best.
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    Bugs My Scheduled Chapters Aren't Publishing!

    I only post a chapter a day. Checked. It wasn't in the same time zone as myself. I've changed it though. My next post is on Wednesday so just maybe this could be fixed with that. But it brings a question to mind; how has it been working before? I've never changed this time zone before and it...
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    Bugs My Scheduled Chapters Aren't Publishing!

    It's happened twice now! And each time I go to delete the schedule and re-upload the chapter. However, the chapter doesn't show up on the main page due to Scribblehub's policies, I think. I need someone to fix this ASAP!
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    Free bad feedback thread

    Would love your opinion on mine as well. You can leave your feedback in the ratings/reviews. Thanks.
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    Too many characters?

    Thanks a lot for this! This is what I needed. I knew there was something I wasn't getting right and I think you've pointed out the crux of the matter. The first pov in the first chapter is third person omniscient. My brain has been skipping over that since I wrote it. I ought to have turned it...
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    Free feedback thread.

    Thanks a lot. I really appreciate. I did do a little touch up before seeing your response. I'll keep working on it.
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    Too many characters?

    True. But what I did is make sure no one is talking over another. There is only one leader among for of the characters. And most importantly, perspective matters. The story reads from the perspective of just one person in different scenes so I believe readers should be able to follow. This is...
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    Too many characters?

    That’s interesting. I feel the rapport between characters set the stage so the readers know at the back of their minds the connection between characters. Nevertheless, I’m grateful for your feedback. I may not be able to reduce the amount of characters in that first chapter, but I can you use...
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    Free First Chapter Feedback (V2)

    Thanks a lot for this. I really appreciate.
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    Free First Chapter Feedback (V2)

    Thanks for this. I remember reading about the specifics of this thread but I think I forgot and just went ahead to post my story's signature - sorry about that. I honestly didn't know that about a prologue - I'm a new writer as it is and didn't think to look. I've also changed the title of the...
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    Free First Chapter Feedback (V2)

    You didn't read the prologue (1. Prologue). You jumped straight to 2. Slum Rats. The prologue is where the story starts. And I believe if you had read it before this chapter you critiqued, you would have known who Jerome is, how old he is, and what he had been doing outside the orphanage. Maybe...
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    Free feedback thread.

    Thanks a lot for the feedback. Can you tell me what you felt the pacing was like? And was it difficult to follow the story and the characters introduced in the first chapter - that is their conversation?
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    Scaver's Free Feedback thread.

    Would be glad if you could check mine out as well.
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    Dipping my feet into the FREE FEEDBACK pool.

    If you don't mind my lateness to your free feedback party.
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    Doravg's free feedback thread (Closed to catch up with all the requests)

    Hi, New author here. Don't have a lot of chapters out but would love a feedback as well, if you still got the time.
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    Too many characters?

    Hey guys, New author here. I recently got a comment on my story (literally the first comment). It says that the number of characters I introduced in the first chapter of my story is hard to keep up with. So I edited the first chapter a little and added dialogue tags to the speeches that didn't...
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    First Chapter Analysis

    Late to the feedback party, I guess...if you ever get the chance to check my work, please do. I'm new here.
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    Free feedback thread.

    Hi, New author here. I'd like to get a feedback on my story - if I'm not late to the party.
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    New Series Comment Request Thread

    Would love to join the fun - assuming I'm not late 😊 genre:- action, adventure, progression, reincarnation, anti-hero A human from earth is reborn in a world of magic to become the 'Dark One' - a monster destined for...
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    How many chapters to save up before launching new work?

    Good tip. Many authors don't listen to readers when they speak up, but it's the reader that'll read and enjoy the story after all. I'm a new author. Have five chapters up as of this post, but my backlog...:s_wink: I'm taking my time though, because I also feel that as a newbie author, you gotta...