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    Resolved Excluding the "Rape" tag in advanced search causes website crash (mobile)

    Sorry for the late reply. Work keeps me busy sometimes. I was using the chrome browser for android when I encountered the error. It seems to be working now, though. I'm not sure if y'all fixed it already, or if it was something else though.
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    Resolved Excluding the "Rape" tag in advanced search causes website crash (mobile)

    Title says it all. I'm on android and attempting to use the advanced search functions to find new novels to read. Whenever I attempt the search while excluding that tag the search results in a dns error page. Exact search is: ("X" is exclude, "O" is include) Genres ( set to "and"): X smut, O...
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    Writing Do you create a map for your story?

    I reused a map I made for a homebrew D&D setting, which since my novel was set in a world that ran on D&D rules was quite fitting. I took the original world map, which was badly colored and stuff, edited it to be much more basic. I removed the color, zoomed in on the relevant area, and added...
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    Writing Bite Size vs Lenghty Chapters

    Well, I think I can safely say what doesn't work, short chapters. My one attempt at publishing a novel was an absolute train-wreck for a number of reasons, but one of those was that the chapters were too short. Clocking in around 1.5-2k words per chapter, it didn't catch anyone's interest much...
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    What's your Magic Systems

    I'll throw my hat into the ring too. So I'm not an accomplished author or anything, but I do have a story in the works that has a magic system, so I'll give you the cliff-notes for it. There are many races in the world, and each race has a power unique to them that could be called magic, and is...