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  1. Cold_Sun

    How does front page trending work?

    from what I remember it's calculated on the previous day's gains. So it's best to post every 2 days.
  2. Cold_Sun

    Setting of fantasy world

    Sure if that is your culture? I don't think this is supposed to be just a place for puking NU works. I think Tony has bigger goals for this than that. This is just a note for what I hope to see in SH stories. It's biased based on what I prefer to read. And what I would consider paying to read...
  3. Cold_Sun

    Setting of fantasy world

    No matter what I say after this will be of any effect. Fml. XD
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    Setting of fantasy world

    Couldn't agree more. I am just advocating authors not to copy it just for the sake of giving it a CN fic feel. I see a lot of stories that are just elaborate reviews of exising CN novels. What I mean is that the stories will have different names of characters but will essentially plotwise...
  5. Cold_Sun

    Setting of fantasy world

    Write what ever the frick you wanna. Who the hell is stopping ye? Just don't crib when readers don't like it for frick's sake. Have some skin and take the beating when you know you willing to chose to go swimming in the drain. I don't usually write like this but it was fun. Wanted to see how...
  6. Cold_Sun

    Setting of fantasy world

    You and your buddies are doing gods work! :blob_melt: TBH I would really like to see atleast a few more dedicated and quality authors on SH. Let your enjoyment soon come to an end. Begone devil!
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    Setting of fantasy world

    Didn't know that. Tbh I would really like to read a story based in China. It's a country with a completely different environment from anywhere else. I read Metaworld Chronicles and it described the political situation with governors, the CCP and PLA, alongwith clans and power progenitors to some...
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    Setting of fantasy world

    This might be kind of a hot take. So apologies in advance. I see a lot of OEL webseries that are based in a chinese or japanese setting. There are cultivation realms, names, pysical features, honorifics and a lot of other tell-tale signs to signify that. Now I can understand if the author is...
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    Best Rated/ Most Popular

    SH would do better if there is a section at the front page dedicated to stories that are older than (say) 3 months with best ratings. And another one for the most read fictions in the last (say) 3 months. The trending section does a good job to give exposure to new authors. But a reader...
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    One Star Rating Explanations.

    I want explanations for the three-star ratings tbh. 5star, 1star i get it. But why the feck did you rate it 3? Was it good but not good enough. Or was it just not that bad? I have so many questions for the 3-starers
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    you seem like a fellow asian. I know... I know... Remeber this equation. Distance from family...

    you seem like a fellow asian. I know... I know... Remeber this equation. Distance from family = control over life
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    Western Setting in all Stories

    reply to OP. I think there is a level of insecurity in not writing in a western setting. I am generally worried that the reader will not be able to relate. Not everyone can be Rudyard Kipling :|
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    My Computer is Destroyed so i need mobile gems

    age of civilization
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    The Last to Comment Wins

    This is a long thread! :sweating_profusely:
  15. Cold_Sun

    Interesting tidbits from the internet.

    No you can't :sweating_profusely: And if you find one, someone come and save me! :blob_teary:
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    Interesting tidbits from the internet.

    #8. You can find anything on e-bay A sea-urchin was listed on e-bay in 2006 which was identified as a newly discovered species! It's called the Exquisite Urchin.
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    Official Discord Roles Suggestions

    I'm for author since even someone new to the site can get it easily. Maybe scribbler can be a role for something else. Someone who makes a lot of posts or comments and reviews...
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    Writing Habits That You Can't Break

    Does looking for a synonym on google but ending up on discord for an hour count ?
  19. Cold_Sun

    Isekai Ran - An unwanted new world

    All the best Sun! :blobtaco:
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    What's your WPM?

    Where my 36 WPM gang?