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  1. HungrySheep

    Which Tags are red flags?

    Harem, BL Edit: Also shit with slave romance type stuff. Like ???
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    Trolley problem. Just that.

    Will you be convicted of murder if you do not flip the switch?
  3. HungrySheep

    Patreon Fall Out Shelter

    Yeah, forced Patreon for creators sucks hard. I've wanted to swap to Ko-fi for the longest time, but no one bothers looking at anything except Patreon.
  4. HungrySheep

    Your favorite line from your current work?

    "I’m currently running for my life. I’m not even exaggerating. Choosing to become a webnovelist was a goddamn mistake."
  5. HungrySheep

    The Last to Comment Wins

  6. HungrySheep

    I was trying to be polite, but instead!?

    Same as this.
  7. HungrySheep

    [Update Thread] A Post to Fight My Inner Demon

    Dripped and would.
  8. HungrySheep

    Recommendations Novels about martial arts set in a modern world.

    Jinie's pretty hot, not gonna lie.
  9. HungrySheep

    Recommendations Novels about martial arts set in a modern world.

    I'm actually working on a shitpost novel that's exactly what you described with some add-ons to increase the trope melting pot that it's supposed to be. That said, I don't know of any published novels similar to what you're describing and I'm pretty sure you're already caught up with The Breaker...
  10. HungrySheep

    Would you read based off of the cover alone?

    I think Photoshop is extremely easy to learn and a very useful skill for multiple things. Taking the effort to make a decent looking cover is usually a good sign of the content within. It doesn't always turn out that way, but it's a decent indicator.
  11. HungrySheep

    The camel's back

    I wish I had time to write 7 stories.
  12. HungrySheep

    Your personal hell; A new world

    I think you just described our world.
  13. HungrySheep

    Your personal hell; A new world

    Someone didn't read the full post. I think there's a strict line between understanding the stochastic nature of the universe and defeatism, though. In the latter case, you would be more inclined to give up whereas in the former, you would still do your best in the face of the adversity. "Most...
  14. HungrySheep

    Your personal hell; A new world

    Honestly, I'm already in it: a world where EVERYTHING is determined by RNG. No skill required. Born wealthy/influential? You're pretty much done unless you're insanely stupid. If latter condition is met, you're still vastly ahead of the curve and it may not even prove an issue with sufficient...
  15. HungrySheep

    Why do you like Jujutsu Kaisen?

    Honestly, I found it boring too.
  16. HungrySheep

    I hope one day I can install games without having to deal with those fricking DRMs

    Agreed. I was gonna buy P5 Royale on discount but I held off since they STILL haven't removed Denuvo. I don't think companies understand pirates at all. The majority of pirates do it out of necessity, not out of desire. DRM won't make them buy the game since they can't buy it in the first...
  17. HungrySheep

    Which fantasy creature would you like to eat?

    Nergigante tail steak would 100% be peak cuisine.