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    Need help with grammar

    Hemingway Use this with the above mentioned Grammarly extension/app.
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    The Curse of the Tense

    You can also read the best-translated novels and have fun while learning. Before the push of money motivated translation, there were some very great translators who put very hard effort. There are still some great translators who you can learn from. I often visit some of my favorite works for...
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    Glossary rant

    Did anything happen about the issue or did you have to write it again? @Ai-chan
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    Author Notice: Please Select a "Main Genre"

    You are working for the best of the site and its users. If you explained it a bit more clearly it would be great, but as you said you will keep quiet till it is ready. I will be eagerly waiting for that.
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    Author Notice: Please Select a "Main Genre"

    But many of the stories can't be defined by the this way. It would be very broad. For me, I think selecting one of the current main genres doesn't explain my novel completely.
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    Dislike button

    I agree. It is very easy to abuse, trolls will run rampant.
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    What's your favourite piece of art?

    The Wild Oni girl fled.
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    The Incomplete Stories

    I understand where you're coming from, three years ago I tried to write two novels but my after 7 or 8 pages I stopped. Lack of commitment, real-life matters, procrastination all played a role. The current one that I'm writing I planned to write it 4 months ago but lack of motivation delayed it...
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    How do you make a likeable romantic interest?

    Sometimes show their smaller interactions. Both characters supporting each other and thinking for the good of the other. Avoid over-enthusiasm.
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    Feedback and suggestions for AKHAND: THE DEMON EMPEROR

    Thanks for the feedback. I also felt that I wasn't getting across the mc's feelings properly. Your suggestions are very valuable. I would keep that in mind when re-editing the chapters.
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    Feedback and suggestions for AKHAND: THE DEMON EMPEROR

    This is a thread for feedback on my novel AKHAND: THE DEMON EMPEROR. This is my first novel and I have no experience. Any feedback on the novel or any suggestions to improve the novel are welcomed. Currently I edit my work myself. I partly got the inspiration of making this thread from...
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    Music while writing.

    Spot on.
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    Music while writing.

    I haven't been writing for a long and the music right now distracts me. Maybe that will change in the future. Though when I edit I listen to 10 year old songs.
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    Music while writing.

    I see what you did there.
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    I joined NUF today.

    I joined NUF today.
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    Username and Avatar

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    Username and Avatar

    I'm from U.P. Namoshkar
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    Username and Avatar

    Thanks Thanks, Hindi is my primary language. Your?