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  1. Zakuro

    How to become a highly popular author

    Aren't you and Drytron the same person?
  2. Zakuro

    This is too funny!!

    You don't know @CrazyMinh @Drytron and @ManwX are the same person?
  3. Zakuro

    Rebuilding Democracy in Another world

    When the country call itself a democratic republic like Kongo, they aren't usually a democratic country.
  4. Zakuro

    Proof that multiple highly popular authors are botting to boost view counts

    What? You only know this now? Who are you? Internet explorer user?
  5. Zakuro

    How to get more readers

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  7. Zakuro

    Meilieu, how are you still alive?

    Meilieu, how are you still alive?
  8. Zakuro

    Cringiest SH Member

    Of course we know that. We are him. :blob_hide:
  9. Zakuro

    What will be your zom100 bucket list?

    Infect more people. I am a zombie.
  10. Zakuro

    Cringiest SH Member

  11. Zakuro

    Cringiest SH Member

    That's because:
  12. Zakuro

    What is it like to post on AO3 and/or RR?

    RR is just SH but with review swaps and actual feedback for stories. In SH, everything is either *1 or *5 based on the reviewer's mood and preference. AO3 is great for posting fanfictions. Every fandom are welcomed there no matter how strange the story/pairing is. Original works, not so much.
  13. Zakuro

    Use condoms!!!

    Use condoms!!!
  14. Zakuro

    Cringiest SH Member

  15. Zakuro

    A proper cutaway

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    Our cousin

    Our cousin
  18. Zakuro

    [IMG]Are you a Filipino?

    Are you a Filipino?
  19. Zakuro

    Looking for feedback to continue or not

  20. Zakuro

    How did your fantasy world abolish slavery ?

    You guys story have lore? What? I thought we just write smuts.