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  1. Prysmcat

    Privacy popup glitching

    No VPN. And it happens on both household wifi and when I switch my phone to data.
  2. Prysmcat

    Privacy popup glitching

    Nope. An ad-blocker aside, I don't have many extensions installed, and none should be relevant (eg, a gmail checker). And no changes, additions, removals, or (as far as I know) even updates recently.
  3. Prysmcat

    Privacy popup glitching

    The Uniconsent privacy settings popup keeps appearing. Clicking on the buttons makes it go away but it comes back on the next screen. I am obviously not managing or setting any options. Using Chrome in Linux and Chrome on an Android phone, but the same thing happened when I tried SH in Firefox...
  4. Prysmcat

    Anyone got any stories that aren't isekai or fan related

    I do not write fanfic or isekai (okay, I have one isekai in the works but it's probably going to give regular isekai readers heart failure given what I've done with it). I have eight finished fantasy novels or serials, one novel underway, and a collection of shorts and novellas. Some are urban...
  5. Prysmcat

    How do you write?

    I finish the entire first draft, edit it ruthlessly, and then post it a chapter at a time after that. I never quite know where a story is going to go when I start it, and this is the only way to make sure that it's consistent all the way through. I deeply regret that I released the first volume...
  6. Prysmcat

    Recommendations Novels with beautiful physically strong and muscular general female characters

    If you're still looking... my Transposition isn't LitRPG or isekai, but two characters im particular are physically quite powerful, at least once their fae forms wake up. One especially is tall, curvy, and physically somewhat imposing. Although as a heads-up, none of them continue to look...
  7. Prysmcat

    Do you consider yourself a Niche Author?

    For any practical purpose, I consider what I write to be niche. I write fantasy, both contemporary and other-world... but even within something as broad as "fantasy" I'm generally writing stories people find odd. I have a terrible time finding genre tags. My characters tend to include a high...
  8. Prysmcat

    So far so good! Thank you!

    So far so good! Thank you!
  9. Prysmcat

    Thanks - seems like a generally friendly place. :-)

    Thanks - seems like a generally friendly place. :-)
  10. Prysmcat

    New here, and hoping I found a good home for my work, but learning the site's going to take a...

    New here, and hoping I found a good home for my work, but learning the site's going to take a bit of time.