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    Omni level powers are the only powers that could trump any other abilities. Even almighty powers and absolute powers, which are just a step below omni, have inherent restrictions or limitations that could be surpassed through other sources of power that counters them. So if you want a power that...
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    True Omnipotence
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    Apps that have sync mode

    You can use Evernote. It’s available across all devices and you can sync your notes up to 2 devices for the free plan, but it’s unlimited for the paid the version. It also has many other notes organizational features that might be helpful too.
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    Recommendations Your 5 most fav titles on ScribbleHub

    Title. What are your top 5 most favorite titles on scribblehub? Why do I want to know? …Well it’s just because I’m looking for good recommendations to read in my free time. Any genre is fine as long as you think the story deserves at least a 4 star rating. Thanks.
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    How many words you write in a day?

    I know not everyone has the time or effort to continuously pump out content every day whether it be due to irl issues or just being lazy…but, on average, how many words you write in a day, or perhaps, a week?
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    As a reader, what do you find best in a novel?

    Is it the character development that someone goes through, or the way the protagonist uses his/her wits to come on top of a crises? The romance aspect of the story, or the action-packed scenes? Or perhaps is it the way the author builds up their story to instill a sense of mystery? Personally...