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    Would your MC be a good detective

    My MC is a pretty good Detective when she puts her mind on it. Well, all of the cases I wrote are related to her (and the first one is pretty much impossible to resolve for any character that is not involved in the murders).
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    A shocking realization about the "kicked from the hero's party" trend. (Please don't do this.)

    The Gatcha level 9999 MC is an exception to this trend (sorry, I don't remember the name that is stupidly long). Shield Hero doesn't follow this trope.
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    Does protagonist of a combat story need to be the best at everything?

    My Main Character is OP from the start but the story is not that much battle focused. It's important for the plot and also my enjoyment to write good fight scenes without being limited in what I want to do, but, as I said, the story is not focused only on her battle prowess. So if you enjoy good...
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    If you were reborn as your novel's mc what would you do?

    In my case it's not possible. She's already a reincarnated character. Edit : to be more precised : my MC is the reincarnation of someone closed to her, but she lost her memory of her previous life because her desire of vengeance would have had unimaginable consequences. I could be reincarnated...
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    Does your MC have a backup plan in case they lose their power?

    She doesn't need her power to be able to achieve her goal. She is enough in her own to force the other characters to do what she wants. But she also has a backup plan.
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    You are locked in a room with the MC of the last series you've worked on for 24 hours...

    Well since she learns basically the entire plot at the end, my protagonist would do like she does against the final Boss : she'll kill me. And I wouldn't be mad at her for that. Not many Main Characters suffer as much as this one. If every characters are in the same room... well my chance of...
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    Too many characters?

    I think it depends. As an introduction, for example, if the MC is a member of some adventurer's group and is betrayed by his group in the first chapter, it's normal to have a huge number of characters at the start that will completely disappear after chapter 1 to come back later bit by bit for...
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    Does a villain always have to be redeemed?

    I generally prefere a villain with a backstory that explains in some ways how he became like that and/or not generic villains. A villain that lacks backstory and is generic really needs something to appeal to me (the Joker from the Dark Knight and Ivel from Reborn to Master the Blade are...
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    Your protagonist becomes your distant relative.

    Funnily enough, my main Character's personality is inspired from my mother lol
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    You are transported as-is to the world of the most recent story you've worked on, you must stay for 1 year

    One year is pretty much easy if it's at the beginning of the story, since there's a timeskip of ... one year at some point XD But after the timeskip my chance of survival is... 0% if I don't live near my Main Character.
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    Fanfics with romance vs fanfics with no romance, which do you prefer?

    I don't write romance story based because I know I wouldn't be good (I would do that as a challenge if the said romance is important for the main plot, but it will never be the main point of the story). But I like well written romance in fiction.
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    Writing Basic Writing Tips: Pacing

    I'm writing a slowpace fiction as a trilogy. I finished the first book last year where, knowing how slow the book will be in some ways, I started with a Prologue that clearly said to happen 3 months later so my readers know where the story goes in some ways (if you think I spoiled everything in...
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    Scrapped ideas

    Funnily enough I went really far with my MC's past so she couldn't be considered in a single way as a Mary-Sue, even if she's one of the most OP character possible in a fiction. Kindness ? What is this ? XD
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    Worst Story Ideas

    An idea I got that sounds incredibly stupid at first (but made me able to create a mystery for a serial murder case) : the main character's personality being swapped with her sister's. That sounds incredibly stupid, but a change of character makes something formidable for an author to explore...
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    Scrapped ideas

    Funnily enough, all of the worst ideas I got that I thought I would never add in my story... were added lol
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    Writing Bite Size vs Lenghty Chapters

    I often write chapters that ends on a cliffhanger (generally good ones), so I adapt the length of my chapters to the cliffhanger I have in mind... and if I tried to write shorter chapters nowadays, I wrote over 30 pages for some chapters xD Most of those long chapters include a bit of action...
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    Making your characters more marketable to a readers audience

    I like stories where immortality is a burden. I'd like to read a story of someone hackjacking an immortal body (like oh shit I remember my previous life after I hit my head on some random stone) and having to live the difficult life the person had before.
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    Making your characters more marketable to a readers audience

    Even on Internet we can write characters that are not Mary-Sue/Gary-Stu like Bella ^^'
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    Writing Writers. Your preferred characters quantity and focus

    I'm currently not writing a story on this site (and I don't know if I will since my English kinda sucks lol), but I have that kind of story where there's multiple PoV and 1 main character that is the story's focus (I mean, practically everything is about her and how she influences the world and...
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    Writing Writers. Your preferred characters quantity and focus

    Well it also depends if the author knows where he's going and how he knows where his story goes. If he knows where it goes from A to Z, it's easier to introduce side characters that will have importance later, even if they're barely (or not at all) related to the Main Character. One of the best...