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  1. StarEis

    Recommendations Ice/Frost male MC!

    I agree with you. I think ice is so cool that I made my nick ice but german also: The Righteous Player(s) unique power system and the mc uses ice magic primarily
  2. StarEis

    If time was frozen for 24 hours, what would you do?

    commit crimes like most people would
  3. StarEis

    Any thoughts on this Dream?

    sounds like a nightmare to me, don't worry about it too much imo.
  4. StarEis

    Evil Truck-kun services

    i want to be reincarnated in a world that only i live as a immortal
  5. StarEis

    Verbal bias?

  6. StarEis

    Interested in knowing your spy name?

    same energy
  7. StarEis

    Review my album demo!

    Sound pretty epic
  8. StarEis

    Recommendations long novels

    Already reading it I will check it out, thanks
  9. StarEis

    Recommendations Bloodline novels

    divine throne of primordial blood could be your thing? (mc has a mixed bloodline so he doesn't gain any special ability. anyone that has a pure bloodline gets the ability of the bloodline(higher purity better thingy)) big brain mc. science his way through cultivation. it's translated and should...
  10. StarEis

    What makes a bad novel?

    characters with -100 IQ mc: exists random cuck rapist fat corrupt noble: you looked at me funny lmao, guards kill him *die* then repeat hundred times till web novel reader give you enough money. also, add a harem with forgettable girls that are all tsundere and get kidnaped every ten chapters...
  11. StarEis

    Ban the person above you!

    Banned for cringe
  12. StarEis

    What will you be playing?

  13. StarEis

    Recommendations long novels

    gonna check out doomsday wonderland, when a mage revolts, gate of revelation and holy emperor's grandson thing. read all the other ones most of them were good. thank you most of them are shit so rather than suffering fifty percent of the time i rather ask people that have already suffered
  14. StarEis

    How would pregnancy Speedruns go?

    does the baby have to be healty? if not it's a easy speedrun
  15. StarEis

    Recommendations long novels

    I will check it out, thanks. I am already reading it, it's pretty good. I just need to catch up some time. Still thanks
  16. StarEis

    Recommendations long novels

    r-18 on webnovel is the shittiest thing in existence i am reading the manga of the death mage and i must say that i really don't care about the novel. I am willing to wait months for a episode of the manga. still thank you.
  17. StarEis

    Recommendations long novels

    i think i remember seeing it once while looking at rr, i will most likely read it if it's that long. thanks
  18. StarEis

    Recommendations long novels

    what is MoL? also that stuff is the ones that are better but there aren't that many i found
  19. StarEis

    Recommendations long novels

    thank you. i will check them out i may check it out series finder is pretty cringe, but still thanks
  20. StarEis

    Recommendations long novels

    Can I get a link? Or name