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  1. ProjCRys

    Question for fellow authors

    I write the what scenes I would add in a chapter in 1-2 sentences each then I'll write out the details
  2. ProjCRys

    No, we're different people. She has black hair and yellow eyes, while I have white hair and...

    No, we're different people. She has black hair and yellow eyes, while I have white hair and blue eyes. The only similarities between us are the the ears.
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    Spy In the council #1

    If it is the same word again then I'll go... 'Crossword'
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    Spy In the council #1

    Rather than high, I'm sleep deprived
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    Spy In the council #1

    Vote count georgelee5786 - Akki Masako - Akki Hasty - Akki Awasti - Akki Draconis_Vermicul Leficios Aaqil Akkizakura - Awasti Agentt - Akki GreenHexagon ~~~~~~~~~~~ Awasti - 1 Akki - 5
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    Spy In the council #1

    I guess choosing the farthest thing yet related to the oath word seems to be bad idea XD, I thought I could throw off the spies with it. Anyways, I think the spies are Akkie and Lefi The reason I think it was Akkie is because of a word deriving from draconis' word "propaganda" Though Lefi, I...
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    Spy In the council #1

  8. ProjCRys

    Spy In the council #1

    I wanna try too
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    Explain reverse harem to me

    Isn't a harem where an MC have many love interests. So in standard harem the MC is a boy and many girl love interests And in reverse harem the MC is a girl with many boy love interests Then there are varieties such as girl having many female love interest or a guy with many of his homies are...
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    Horror Experiment

    Trying out a new artstyle
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    Would the readers reread a rewritten novel?

    I've been thinking... I'm about to make major changes in my story since it mostly focused on plot and barely about the character. I had a good idea how to make the characters feel more alive, but the problem would be the readers would just ignore it and go for the latest chapter if I ended up...
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    Do you plan ahead or write as you go?

    Gets the gist on what I'll write but the details are disorganized and I had to rearrange them. And when I had a great idea, I rewrite the whole thing again.
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    Book covers --- Artists are obsolete

    I tried but didn't get the artstyle and composition I wanted so I decided to draw my own. Sure it can draw realistic and 3d characters really well but in anime artstyle with specific details I couldn't get the exact character design I imaged. So I just downloaded some background I thought of...
  14. ProjCRys

    Need feedback or just a review?

    Here's mine Masako's Life In An Abandoned World You can DM me or leave a public review, and you can read through the first few chapters if you want, I only needed to know if the story I made is good enough to hook in casual interested readers.
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    Free First Chapter Feedback

    I wanted to know what your opinion to my novel, though my prologue basically acts like a first chapter and chapter 1 follows through it chronologically, I still wanted to know aspects in my story do I still need to improve. Masako's Life In An Abandoned World
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    What is your biggest fear?

    A belt and a flying slipper.
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    Your MBTI?

    Personality Type: Turbulent Mediator (INFP-T) Traits: Introverted – 75%, Intuitive – 69%, Feeling – 53%, Prospecting – 51%, Turbulent – 57% Role: Diplomat Strategy: Constant Improvement
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    I'll give feedback, too!

    Halo~ Can you give me your honest opinions and what things I should improve in my novel? Masako's Life In An Abandoned World
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    Just caught up to the Made in Abyss anime and am now traumatized

    I don't fully remember but I was quite young when someone showed a boku no p*co icecream scene at me (I should be lucky the first time I saw was a censored version but it didn't save me from the sounds) . Aside from that, the strongest one so far was Gakkou Gurashi being first anime I...
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    What do you do when not writing?

    Stare into the ceiling mindlessly...