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    Only Slightly Insane

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    Writing Prompt The Isekai'er that didn't get a job change

    The lazy dude on the late night shift at the grocery store stocking shelves has to save the world.......
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    An Immoral novel

    I'm not too sure about this one. I'm fine with the incest, but the terrible grammar in the summary has me scared.
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    Writing How do romantic relationships work?

    I would also like to know
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    Use "fork" in a sentence...

    Will you guys shut the fork up?!
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    The Yuri Writing Help Room (18+)

    I like this post, we need more yuri
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    Feeding me back on my Black Witch story!! ^^

    Tis good shit. No male romance, keep it girls and we'll be fine. Though I still want you to label you PoV's when they change.......
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    Looking for a good novel..

    Go to webnovel and read "The Union". Medival setting, kingdom building, no harem. Honestly it's just a really good novel. 5/5, would recommend.
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    I used to be even funnier...

    How gay is Dark Knight chronicles? And what kind of gay?
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    Writing Prompt A Male Villainess?

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    Need Help on Settling Conflict

    Fall in love with a mermaid? Have trauma hating herself for falling in love with what she considers to be one of the reasons her parents died? Slow dramatic resolution through love of her mermaid partner? Just shooting quick ideas here.
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    Places with a lot of people

    Plaza's, national landmark's, places where people gather, and potentially hold festival's and rally's at. A couple apartment complex's could hold 100 people depending on the size of the building and if you warp in some neighboring complex's.
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    I have a collection

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    When a protagonist loses plot armor

    It's good so far, havn't really seen any glaring mistakes. Don't know who the MC or what the plot is yet, but that will come later. Keep writing, need some more chapters to really tell you what I think of it.
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    Flucket's big Cat Theatre thread.

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    Ageless Media

    Supernatural....I mean the Winchesters are literally ageless.....
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    Post your favourite photographs

    I didn't take it, but here's one of my favotites
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    a call to Action and general anarchy

    Well......that happened.
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    Anime - Spring 2019

    :blob_okay: THANK YOU! Now I can go catch up on Domesutikko na Kanajo