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  1. Chiisutofupuru

    Writing How to go about MultiProtag?

    What perspective are you in? If you're writing in the first person perspective, then I'd suggest don't switch unless you can give each character their own inner voice (and that's like having two different writing styles... not easy). If you're writing in the third limited perspective, then you...
  2. Chiisutofupuru

    1st person or 3rd person

    Third limited perspective for me. Especially after learning how to use it ^^
  3. Chiisutofupuru

    How would you classify comedy?

    I view comedy as a fiction tag as a promise for: over-the-top crazy/different/silly things happening.
  4. Chiisutofupuru

    Editing Style guide to writing numbers.

    You kinda already explained this but: Another exception is if you want to show a visual, like if your character would read a digital clock: 1:35. (Because technically they are reading it that way, and not spelled out, ya know ^^
  5. Chiisutofupuru

    Am I writing it wrong or are my readers just dumb?

    I've had this kind of thing happen to me too. Something about the MC doing something wrong but she wasn't exactly punished (the opposite actually). What I never mentioned was that the MC was 'told' to do it and the person that supposedly should've given her trouble was actually the one who made...
  6. Chiisutofupuru

    How do you deal with criticism?

    A lot of the criticism I've received has mostly been about questionable situations (or they don't understand why something happened) in the fiction. Those, in my opinion, have been very helpful. Sometimes I'm just not very good at making things very clear for the reader I guess >_>
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    Blob_yandere is here! \o/

    :blobspearpeek: interesting.
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    Do you write the ending or beginning first?

    A reply to the original question: I usually have an ending in mind before I begin, I may not have it on paper, it might not even turn out as planned, but the idea is there for a direction to steer the fiction. I think the very beginning of the fiction should be written after you've gotten more...
  9. Chiisutofupuru

    Would it be better to have shorter and faster updates or longer and slower updates?

    If you're consistent, and readers know when you're uploading, that's probably the best way to do it. Otherwise I don't think it would matter too much.
  10. Chiisutofupuru

    Do you ever share your ideas to other people?

    Do I share ideas? Yes and no. I would share more vague ideas because it wouldn't matter, if they did take the idea it wouldn't be quite the same as my own anyways. If anything, I could expand on my idea off of their twist of it :P If it's something more specific and/or concrete, then I'd keep...
  11. Chiisutofupuru

    Which upcoming 2019 game releases are you most excited for?

    Dungeon Defenders 1 is my all-time favorite game. DD2 was a disappointment for me. It was too different, not the same. Dungeon Defenders Awakened is supposed to be closer to how DD1 was, so I'm a bit excited for it :3
  12. Chiisutofupuru

    Which upcoming 2019 game releases are you most excited for?

    Dungeon Defenders Awakened... yea.
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    The Last to Comment Wins

    Note to self: playing these games do not up my 'messages' count.
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    Words to replace said

    Said is the invisible word and is very useful for clarity (clarity is important in a fiction). If you use tags other than 'said', they are noticed and read with more consideration. Sometimes a tag (other than said) can be redundant. "Awe common, not again," she complained. - is obviously a...
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    The Last to Comment Wins

    I think I'm going to lose this game.
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    The Last to Comment Wins

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    The Last to Comment Wins

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    The Last to Comment Wins

    The Yandere Darkling creates a black hole in the thread.
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    The Last to Comment Wins

    You really want to start counting :/
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    The Last to Comment Wins