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  1. Myewphi

    Feature Request In-Story Glossary Links

    I think it would be useful if you could select words inside the chapter and have them link back to the glossary. This way if someone wants extra info, or if they perhaps forgot info given in past chapters, they could easily click a term they don't fully understand and get a glossary popup...
  2. Myewphi

    What makes you stop procrastinating?

    Like, for those people who are super productive, how do you stay motivated? And for those people who procrastinate writing for hours/days (like me), what pushes you to finally do some writing? I'll give my response first! Honestly, its kind of a variety of random things, but generally its just...
  3. Myewphi

    Least Favorite but Common Tropes?

    What are tropes that are super common but make you die inside? For me, it has to be harem, dense protagonists, and lolis being love interests/sexualized.
  4. Myewphi

    Critique for yet another Demon Lord story!

    Here is a link to my story - Demon Days I really love the mc being a demon lord trope as well as litrpgs but I absolutely hate overpowered MCs, harems, blatant sexism, and a few other things that always go with em. So... I decided to put all my hours designing stories in my head to good use. I...