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  1. binarysoap

    Which novel would you rather read?

    I'm thinking of writing a story and would like to know which ones would actually interest you the most. The options are: Slice of Life/adventures of an elf and her pet dog a reincarnated bipedal female wolf. Set in a fantasy world with magic, although not a very standard fantasy world. VRMMO...
  2. binarysoap

    Scribble Hub default image Questions

    Does anyone know what font Scribble Hub is written in? Also, does anyone know what creative commons licenses the image may have?
  3. binarysoap

    Writing What should I call the race of my character?

    Originally, I was planning on calling it a werewolf because in terms of outer appearance, it fits quite nicely. However, my character doesn't fit a lot of typical characteristics of werewolves such as: inability to transform, no special weakness to silver, can't infect others, etc. What should I...
  4. binarysoap

    Genre confusion (regarding gender bender and girls/boys love)

    If I have a story where the main character was a male and was gender bent into a female and the MC falls in love with a male is that considered boys love or not? If the same MC falls in love with a female, is that considered girls love or not? If I have a story where both the main character and...