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  1. LWFlouisa

    What new SF genres,

    Do you see coming out in the next decade or so? I'm not including generative art, as that's written by a machine and generally has a different quality from stuff written by a human. I mean genuine books written by people. One genre that seems under utilized, is historical and futuristic fusion...
  2. LWFlouisa

    Feature Request Nuance In Creative Commons

    When people normally think of creative-commons, they might be thinking of CC-BY-SA. But I generally release my work under CC-BY-NC-ND. Would there be a way to have more granularity between these things? Twitter isn't a spectacular platform anyway, but I've had to confront people twice for...
  3. LWFlouisa

    Unconventional Rewrite of Uploaded Fairy,

    When I had started work on Uploaded Fairy almost a decade ago, the topic around political issues was in a different place, although I kept writing it after certain political events had not actually come to pass. If the Jumbar ( historical divergence ) is large enough, should one just go ahead...
  4. LWFlouisa

    We All Know Character Progression Is Important

    But is there a specific set rate that a character is suppose to evolve? My MC in Uploaded Fairy's character change was more rapid, because that contained about sixteen years of personal growth. By contrast, in my later work, character progression was slower, because it was about three days in...
  5. LWFlouisa

    Should I prioritize tags?

    Right now these are the tags I currently use: Abandoned Children Antihero Protagonist Apocalypse Artificial Intelligence Autism Character Growth Childhood Friends Collection of Short Stories Coming of Age Corruption Crime Cruel Characters Cyberpunk Dark Death of Loved Ones Depictions of Cruelty...
  6. LWFlouisa

    Some of my illustrations.

    One thing I have trouble with is sequential art, as I'm more used to doing full body illustrations with larger paper. I'm also not sure how well Charcoal will adapt, as I'm wanting a smoky noir look. Here is just a few.
  7. LWFlouisa

    Resolved Hiding but not deleting chapters?

    I wonder if it might be possible to someday hide but not delete chapters? I have it backed up on Listed to of course.
  8. LWFlouisa

    Sensitivity Reader, do you use them?

    For context, this is what a sensitivity reader is: Have any of you ever found this useful? I have my own specific issues with it, although not for the same reasons "that is censorship" people do. Mostly I feel like as long as the author is hiring them themself, I see no issue with it. It's...
  9. LWFlouisa

    For those who do their own cover art,

    What do you emphasize the most when it comes to designing them? Character, themes, setting? Currently the art I have up is placeholder until I can figure out what would best represent my work. Generally statements like "you should have cover art that represents your genre" aren't super useful...
  10. LWFlouisa

    Writing Is there an audience for this here?

    While I still write novellas and novelettes every now and then, I actually do more poetry. Aside from verse novels that I've seen others do in some places ( there is a whole technical thing about the difference between verse and poetry ), is there an audience here? Or is that just something I...
  11. LWFlouisa

    Feature Request Is there a Cyborg genre on here?

    A couple of my novellas are actually Cyborg / Android novellas. There is of course a technical difference between the two, although some works tend to blur the line between Cyborgs and Androids.
  12. LWFlouisa

    Incorporating a conlang into a work,

    Does anyone else do this sort of thing in their writing? I'm currently developing a Romance language conlang that's a fusion of Japanese and French. There is a specific reasons the constructed language looks as it does. Although I never used it in story except in a short story here and there. (...