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  1. King.J.Elias

    Writing Tell Me About Your Villains

    I don't have a novel yet, but I read a lot of novels so I will give my two cents about the matter. Writing a good villain can be tricky. As first you have to define what is a villain or an antagonist, cause a villain doesn't have to necessarily be evil, he just have to has a motive and a reason...
  2. King.J.Elias

    Edgelord Quotes

    Holy fucking shit on a unicycle!!!! That is more scary than edgy, that is why I hate psychotic yanderes, no thank you!!
  3. King.J.Elias

    Edgelord Quotes

    "They say that if you stare long enough into the abyss, the abyss will stare back at you, but I say they are full of shit, because this abyss (the mc) will fuck you up!!!" I hope this qualifies as edgy enough! 😅